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Morula IVF Indonesia

Morula IVF Indonesia is part of the PT Bundamedik Tbk which focuses on developing the fertility clinic “Morula IVF” in Indonesia. In the development of the PT Bundamedik Tbk, in 1997 established the Morula Fertility Clinic, which has now changed its name to Morula IVF Jakarta, has become one of the largest fertility clinics in Indonesia with the increase in patients joining the IVF program every year with growth rates. 30% per year.

Realizing the high need for fertility program services that are of good standard and produce good outcomes, the PT Bundamedik Tbk is committed to continuing to develop Morula IVF fertility clinics in Indonesia under the umbrella of “Morula IVF Indonesia”, which up to now has 10 Morula IVF clinics.

  • Morula IVF Jakarta
  • Morula IVF Padang
  • Morula IVF Margonda 
  • Morula IVF Surabaya
  • Morula IVF Melinda Bandung
  • Morula IVF Pontianak
  • Morula IVF Makassar
  • Morula IVF Yogjakarta
  • Morula IVF Tangerang
  • Morula IVF Ciputat 

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