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Diagnos Laboratory

Diagnos Laboratory is part of PT Bundamedik Tbk. Diagnos Laboratory is present as a community need, which stands with a clear vision and mission. We provide high quality, reliable, and consistent laboratory services to all Diagnostics partners and customers. Our Commitment "Diagnos Laboratory is born from the expectations of a qualified, complete and patient-oriented laboratory"

The products and services of Diagnos Laboratory include Clinical Laboratory, Genomics Laboratory (NIPT, PGT-A, PGT-M, Circle DNA), Homecare Diagnostics, Examination of SARS – Cov – 2

Until now, the Diagnos Laboratory has had several clinics, including:

  • Diagnos Jakarta
  • Diagnos Ciputat
  • Diagnos Denpasar
  • Diagnos Padang
  • Diagnos Makassar
  • RSIA Bunda Jakarta (Outlet) 
  • RSU Bunda Jakarta (Outlet)
  • RSU Bunda Margonda (Outlet)
  • MORULA IVF Jakarta (Outlet)
  • MORULA IVF Margonda (Outlet)
  • MORULA IVF Tangerang (Outlet)
  • BIC Pacific Place Jakarta (Outlet)
  • BIC Vida Bekasi (Outlet)
  • BIC Bina Usada Indonesia Clinic Denpasar (Outlet)
  • RSU Grha Bhakti Medika (Outlet)
  • RS Jasmine Batam (Outlet)
  • RS Grha Yasmine (Outlet)
  • Klinik Utama Ibu & Anak Jasmine MQ Medika (Outlet)
  • Klinik Bona Mitra Keluarga (Outlet)
  • Klinik Shalom (Outlet)
  • Klinik Kizuna (Outlet) 
  • Sari Pacific Hotel (SWAB Center)
  • Edelweiss Hospital (SWAB Center)
  • RSU Asri Purwakarta (SWAB Center)
  • Klinik BIP (SWAB Center)


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