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Bunda Global Pharma

Bunda Global Pharma is a Pharmaceutical Wholesaler that already has the operational license, and CDOB and CDAKB certificates. Since 2017, initially PT. Bunda Global Pharma (BGP) was established as the Central Purchasing of Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices from PT Bundamedik Tbk. As time went by, PT. Bunda Global Pharma continues to develop into a distributor of pharmaceutical and medical devices for variety of needs.

The high demand for pharmaceutical and medical devices made PT. Bunda Global Pharma formed special Marketing Team to be able to continue serving customers outside PT Bundamedik Tbk. Continuous integration between stock availability, Marketing team, and excellent service make PT. Bunda Global Pharma consistent in going forward and establishing direct partnerships with the pharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturing industry, both domestic and international. We are dedicated to contribute to the growth of the pharmaceutical and medical devices business in Indonesia, in order to improve national health and safety.

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