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Bundamedik Healthcare System Consistent Focus on 3 Priority Pillars

2022 is an exciting year for the Bundamedik Healthcare System, also known as BMHS. The addition of the number of hospital ecosystem developments and increased revenue shows that BMHS strives to advance sustainable business growth. This can be achieved because BMHS consistently focuses on the 3 priority pillars.

3 Pillars of Business Focus of Bundamedik Healthcare System

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the focus of services for almost all hospitals in Indonesia, including hospitals that are part of the BMHS ecosystem. During the pandemic, BMHS focused on providing inpatient rooms for infected patients and reducing regular patient services.

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With the pandemic entering its endemic period, BMHS has started to return to the business development path by starting to add to the construction of the health facility ecosystem in several regions in Indonesia.

PT Bundamedik Tbk's business focus has been laid out in three strategic pillars: expanding the ecosystem, deepening strategic partnerships, and strengthening the core business.

The Bundamedik Healthcare System focuses on building an integrated hospital ecosystem and tries to improve patient experience through the customer journey. They are starting with creating an integrated system to make it easier for patients to access facilities, from developing booking apps to making appointments and teleconsultation, providing inpatient rooms including room upgrades, requesting ambulance pick-ups, to improving quality.

BMHS not only focuses on adding health facilities as a hospital with a complete one-stop service but seeks integration of services to improve the quality of the customer journey.

BMHS Ecosystem and Revenue Growth in Semester 1 2022

BMHS's EBITDA margin in the first half of 2022 is IDR 169 billion or 21%. The Main Commissioner of BMHS, dr, and Ivan Sini, said that the Bundamedik healthcare system is fundamentally strengthening its business.

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This is evidenced by the commencement of the groundbreaking of the Bunda hospital, located in Vida Bekasi. Apart from that, two other hospital ecosystems have also been built: the Bandung Paramata Hospital and the Citra Harapan Bekasi Hospital.

BMHS is also developing the construction of RSIA Azzahra in Palembang and RSIA Pusura Tegalsari. So, the total number of hospitals built in the first half of 2022 is 4 health facilities plus 1 more which will soon begin construction.

This fundamental strengthening allows the Bundamedik healthcare system to add more patients who can receive health services. Noted, the growth of beds has increased by 54% compared to the same period in the previous year.

Improving BMHS health facilities also increases the number of patients who can be treated, especially when facing an endemic where patients start returning to the hospital for treatment. The number of inpatients and outpatients rose to 42% and 12%.

Meanwhile, the increase in the effective surgical sector was 41%. This shows a significant increase so that the expansion of the BMHS Hospital has reached the target for the first semester of 2022.

There are already Bunda Group Hospitals, 10 Morula IVF clinics, 126 fertility satellite clinics at the Indonesian Fertility Clinic, 40 pathology and genomic diagnostic laboratories, 150 more networks of innovative clinic service clinics, an ER medical evacuation team, and IMTB medical tourism services.

Furthermore, the expansion will be carried out in the Morula IVF and Diagnos sectors, namely IVF supply services and the number of laboratory outlets. Morula IVF is a BMHS business unit that has helped many couples to conceive.

The BMHS ecosystem's growth continues, increasing up to 2 times. This is due to the consistency of PT Bundamedik Tbk in holding 3 priority pillars, namely expanding the ecosystem, deepening strategic partnerships, and strengthening the core business. The character that continues to be carried out makes the Bundamedik healthcare system realize sustainable core business development.

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Find out more about BMHS priorities here, and their CSR activities here. You can also read about their asset information here.


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