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Strategic Collaboration between BMHS and IPB University for Health Service Integration

Indonesia currently needs health services with a complete ecosystem of services that can accommodate society's various needs— from adequate health facilities with laboratory examination rooms to responsive medical evacuations.

Seeing the importance of developing a health facility ecosystem that can meet these needs, PT Bundamedik Tbk has built health facility ecosystems in various regions. Currently, PT Bundamedik Tbk has created a health facility with complete services.

With the high need for adequate and integrated health facilities and qualified doctors, PT Bundamedik Tbk, or BMHS, is working with IPB University to implement the tri dharma of higher education and innovation in the health sector.

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BMHS and IPB University Collaboration

As one of the best health service ecosystem providers in Indonesia and even one of the largest hospital networks providing IVF services in Southeast Asia, with a rate of 46%, BMHS has expanded its wings into the world of education.

By training competent and professional doctors from Indonesia and abroad. Coupled with the collaboration with IPB University to build the Faculty of Health, BMHS is further strengthening its path to create the best health facility ecosystem for the community.

By signing a Memorandum of Understanding on September 22, 2022, signed by the Rector of IPB, Prof. Arif Satria, and the Main Commissioner of BMHS, Dr. Ivan R Sini, at the IPB Campus, an agreement has been made to develop human and animal health services.

Prof. Arif Satria explained that the collaboration with BMHS made IPB University enter a transformation phase in the agro-maritime sector and try to contribute to the health sector.

This collaboration will seek to form one health concept in which health facilities for animals, plants, the environment, and humans are inseparable.

What is OneHealth?

The collaboration between IPB University and BMHS, which focuses on one health service, invites curiosity about this concept. Simplified, One Health is a multisectoral collaboration approach involving all society members.

Starting from the local, national, regional, and global levels to achieve optimal health by considering the interactions between humans, animals, and the environment.

With the existence of One Health, it is hoped that there will be no future outbreaks and it will not become a new disease. Especially diseases that exist in animals and are then transferred to humans. Not only in Indonesia, but this concept is also an important issue in other countries.

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Each country is improving, conducting evaluations, and implementing them, especially for countries with biological and animal diversity, such as Indonesia. However, the biggest challenges of the One Health concept are collaboration and finances.

The Importance of Health Service Integration

BMHS understands that an integrated service ecosystem will significantly support the one health concept and improve the quality of public health. Therefore, BMHS seeks to establish a complete ecosystem of health facilities in one place.

Health facilities with various services in one place will significantly facilitate the community's access to the best assistance—no need to move to several areas to get an examination and treatment.

In addition to the integration of health facilities, integration is also needed in terms of health services, namely facilitating the course of the patient journey starting from the administrative side, payment mechanisms, to the benefits offered to patients.

In line with this, PT Bundamedik Tbk prioritizes strengthening partnerships with insurance in the company's growth strategy. Strengthening the network with insurance partners, especially BPJS, encourages BMHS to reach a broader market.

Thus BPJS insurance patients can access health facilities in one door with integrated services. So it provides easy access to the required health facilities.

This integration will facilitate and provide a better patient experience, starting from administration, ambulance pick-up facilities, room upgrades, service discounts, and various other services from the partnership between BMHS and BPJS insurance.

As one of the companies that provide health services, BMHS strives to provide the best service. One way is by creating an ecosystem of health facilities and service integration.

In collaboration with IPB University, BMHS is trying to strengthen the formation of this ecosystem and integration of health services by implementing One Health which will be very beneficial for the people of Indonesia and the world.

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dr. Harmeni Wijaya, M.D
Corporate Communications
PT Bundamedik Tbk


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