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Various BMHS CSR Programs for the Good of Society and the Environment

The CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility program is a concept or action carried out in the business world or industry as a responsibility for social conditions and the surrounding environment. Its implementation is divided into several types: environmental efforts, philanthropy, ethical work practices, and volunteering.

What is a CSR Program?

CSR is an activity and corporate strategy to accommodate the needs and interests of stakeholders. CSR is also a consequence of the fact that an institution or an organization, besides having an economic dimension, also has a social institution dimension.

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The CSR program functions to carry out social and environmental duties and responsibilities. For business actors or industrial activists, this must be implemented. In the context of Public Relations, social responsibility is implemented in Community Relations programs and activities.

This program is related to funding in which existing funds are allocated to maintain public facilities and environmental development. These facilities are primarily for the community around the business or industry.

CSR has a significant influence on the company's business growth and development. In general, the objectives of CSR program implementation are as follows:

  • Obtain a social license to operate (social license to use)
  • Opportunity to receive awards and recognition from society
  • Improving the quality of relations with stakeholders
  • Reducing business risks
  • Improving the quality of relations with regulators
  • Expanding access to a broad market
  • Increase employee morale and productivity
  • Expanding resource access

BMHS CSR Program

BMHS implements this program to develop cooperation with other companies and strengthen Indonesia's healthcare ecosystem. In this case, there have been three programs that have been implemented by BMHS as follows.

1.      Insurance for Hundreds of Gojek Driver Partners

To improve the social welfare of vulnerable workers, BMHS is collaborating with BPJS Employment (BPJAMSOSTEK) and Gojek. The CSR program collaboration is to provide insurance protection for every Gojek driver-partner.

BMHS is ready to distribute Work Accident Benefit (JKK) and Death Benefit (JK) funds for 200 Gojek driver partners. This collaboration was realized in the National Movement for Concern for Vulnerable Workers (GN Circle).

Insurance protection plays an essential role in supporting the safety of Gojek partners in their daily work. This is a form of social responsibility of PT Bundamedik Tbk (BMHS) as a public company focusing on sustainability.

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It is hoped that this cooperation will positively impact the welfare of vulnerable workers. The support provided is becoming increasingly important given the role of Gojek driver-partners in assisting the mobility and daily life of the Indonesian people.

2.      Medical Scholarship

The BMHS CSR program is also realized in the form of Medical Scholarships. This company continues to contribute to improving the quality of education and human resources in the country. One example is giving a scholarship to William Kuswandi, an international class student at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia.

This scholarship to continue his education at Newcastle University, United Kingdom, is given based on merit. Outstanding candidates with financial constraints in paying tuition fees are entitled to receive it.

Apart from William Kuswandi, BMHS has continuously provided various medical and nursing students scholarships since 2021. This was done as a commitment to support initiatives to develop competent human resources in Indonesia.

3.      KSE Scholarship Program

BMHS also contributes to improving the quality of education through collaboration with Karya Salemba Empat (KSE). The embodiment is a scholarship in the form of tuition assistance for two students from the Faculty of Nursing and one person from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia.

The KSE Scholarship Program has proven successful in producing outstanding national and international students, with an index of more than 65%. Adhering to the 4 main pillars of improving the quality of society in Indonesia: education, health, environment, and economic empowerment, this CSR program is in line with BMHS' social mission.

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Learn more about BMHS CSR activities hereand other news on this page. You can also read BMHS asset information here.



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