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RSU Citra Harapan Improves Service Quality after Becoming Part of Bunda Group Hospital

RSU Citra Harapan is increasing the quality of service to the community as consumers. This health agency is now part of the Bunda Group Hospital and has a new face, especially regarding facilities and services.

Bunda Group Hospital, or BMHS itself, is a significant health institution already powerful in funding and technology utilization. With the existence of business cooperation in the health sector, it is committed to expanding services to the maximum that can be carried out.

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The acquisition of a company is generally aimed at business expansion and expanding market reach. The company hopes, in this case, that it will be easier for health facilities to provide full service to the broader community, especially domestically.

Acquisition for Equitable Health Services

The acquisition of Bunda Group Hospital for Citra Harapan Hospital is one of the health business development strategies. This is also an adaptation step to provide high-standard health services to address community needs.

Through the acquisition process, BMHS is optimistic about seeing the hospital's business prospects in developing medical tourism services nationally. Especially with the expertise and experience in robotic surgery projects and IVF services.

In addition to making acquisitions, BMHS also focuses on building and developing General Hospitals in big cities and remote areas. The distribution of health services is more optimal if it can be directly monitored through one management door.

Not all hospitals have advanced health facilities and services. So that patients with certain complaints must be referred to other hospitals for proper treatment.

With the acquisition of a higher quality hospital with the support of complete facilities, patients can get treatment faster. This is the hope of the Bunda Group Hospital.

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The development of RSU Citra Harapan with Bunda Group Hospital and BMHS

Citra Harapan Hospital Bekasi introduced a new face entitled "New Image, New Spirit". Marked by improving facilities and standardizing facilities, infrastructure, and health services based on patient-centered care.

The wider community can feel the standardization of hospital services which is the BMHS ecosystem, because of the takeover. Especially in Bekasi City, services are tailored to the surrounding community's needs.

Citra Harapan Hospital Bekasi is a general hospital with specialists, sub-specialist, medical check-ups, diagnostic, CT scans, emergency, and intensive care facilities and services.

After being taken over by Bunda Group Hospital, all resources that became the supporting system were optimized according to BMHS management standards and policies. Including the cultivation of BMHS cultural values.

The cultural values ​​in question are Compassion, Competence, Change Agility, Collaboration, and Create Innovation (5C). Everything has now been done and is reflected in the service and behavior of all employees.

BMHS provides hospital health services, IVF clinics, laboratories, and pharmacies, for medical evaluation and assistance. Later all hospitals under management will get the same standard of service and facilities.

RSU Citra Harapan

One of the major hospitals in Bekasi provides various examination facilities utilizing innovative technology. The goal is to provide appropriate treatment according to the patient's needs.

They are supported by intensive care units, namely ICU/ICCU. Then the Hemodialysis unit for dialysis therapy. There is also a CT-Scan unit, an examination using a combination of x-rays, and a computer system.

This hospital is also supported by Ambulance, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Emergency Unit (ER), and Radiology facilities. All of these facilities are standard health facilities, especially in big cities.

The facility's standard is increasingly optimal for its utilization, with various improvements following the parent company's standards. In other words, all the existing infrastructure at RSU Citra Harapan Bekasi is getting better quality due to the acquisition.

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Read more about BMHS's acquisition here, and their CSR here. Explore more about their asset information in this page.


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