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First 1000 Days of Birth with Bunda Group Hospital

The first 1000 days of birth is a golden period that must be maximized. During this period, every parent needs to monitor the development and growth of their child, from the provision of proper nutrition to positive stimuli that educate and increase the bonding between parents and babies.

The golden period that has started since the gestation period needs to be supported by the fulfillment of a balanced nutritional intake. Parents also need to provide stimulation according to fetal growth and development stage.

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In monitoring the golden period, each parent can cooperate with hospitals, clinics, or other health facilities to have adequate knowledge to maximize future children's growth and development.

What are the First 1000 Days of Birth?

The first 1000 days of life consist of 270 days of pregnancy and 730 days of the first two years of the baby's life. The impact of this period will be very influential into adulthood.

This period is closely related to the fulfillment of nutrition. So the formation of a healthy lifestyle and completing a balanced nutritional intake must be applied from the beginning of pregnancy. This habit prevents the baby from experiencing malnutrition, short stature, diabetes, and obesity.

This golden period is also a critical moment to prevent stunting. The early period of life, up to 2 years, can still be corrected if the child is stunted, thus preventing chronic nutritional problems whose effects are permanent.

The first 1000 days of a birth period are also closely related to the development of long-term intelligence. Not optimal brain development will affect life in adulthood.

The Development that Happens to Children and the Obligations of Parents

Parents must monitor and ensure that their child's growth and development are optimal. Especially in the golden age of his life. Here are the stages of development to watch out for.

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The first 1000 days of birth is a critical period of brain development. The brain develops more rapidly, where its plasticity is at its highest. This development starts from the end of the trimester of pregnancy until two years.

The brain is formed and adapts to the environment. Adequate nutrition for pregnant women and children, home environmental conditions, maternal mental health, and stimulation are essential. It can interfere with the child's cognitive abilities and behavior if it is not optimal.


Physical growth accelerates in the first 1000 days of birth. This is why every child from newborn must be monitored monthly through Posyandu or other health care units.

Direct measurements are monitored to determine whether there are indications of stunting. The influencing factors are then maximized so that the height meets health standards.

Such as examination of heredity, fulfillment of nutrition, indications of congenital disease, and so on. Environmental factors can be improved if there are indications of stunting early on and thus breaking the chain of failure to grow and develop in the next generation.

1000 Days of Peace in Bunda's Arms

Bunda Group Hospital held a special program to educate pregnant women and women in general. Through the 1000 Days of Peace in Mother's Hugs event, various sessions were provided with important themes and discussions.

Such as the introduction of stressors in pregnant women and how to manage them from a medical perspective. Then an understanding of the importance of partner cooperation in forming a bond with a child starts during pregnancy.

Some sessions contained material about the father and mother's wounds. How to identify it and help heal the relationship between father and mother for a more peaceful life journey.

Any physical and psychological management education from pregnancy to postpartum is crucial. Health facilities and hospitals can also obtain information about the first 1000 days of birth.

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