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Robotic Surgery Development Challenges in Indonesia

Robotic surgery development projects in Indonesia are currently still facing various challenges. Starting from funding to the public trust factor

In developed countries that implement surgery using robotic devices, such as the United States, Sweden, and Iran, various legal umbrellas have been set to protect the safety and effectiveness of this robotic surgical method.

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A major robotic surgery project challenge also relates to public trust. There needs to be a guarantee of security from the device, operator competence to accountability for the results.

In addition, surgeon competence is required through additional training. This is to ensure patient safety and security, as well as more accurate procedures with satisfactory medical results.

The only hospital in Indonesia that already has a surgical robot unit is RSU Bunda Jakarta.

PT Bundamedik Tbk (BMHS) presents robotic surgery innovations that have various advantages. Among them are precise medical procedures that speed up the healing process. In its implementation, a reliable HR operator is needed.

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Training to Improve HR

Since 2012, BMHS robotic surgery has handled more than 600 cases. Starting from obstetrics and gynecology, ENT malignancy to urology for prostate removal surgery. This service is one of the centers of excellence (CoE) at RSU Bunda Jakarta.

This technological procedure is supported by 16 certified specialists and is expected to improve the medical experience. In the future, the existence of this technology will be able to make Indonesia the choice of medical tourism destination.

Doctors are trained to be able to complete simulator tasks. It consists of 14 tasks using the Virtual Reality (VR) Robotic Telesurgery Simulator, including hand and visual eye skills.

Robotic surgery in surgical practice is one way to distribute the latest health services to remote areas. Considering that Indonesia has many islands, there is inequality in health services.

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