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One Bunda: BMHS Digital Health Integration for Quality and Modern Services

Many health facilitators in Indonesia have widely carried out various digital health services. Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic was severed some time ago. Many people feel the need to get checked out but are afraid to leave the house.

BMHS is also aware of the needs of an increasingly modern society. Thus providing access to online health consulting services for all Indonesian people. The name of the health service is One Bunda, and you can access it for free.

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Get to know Digital Health

Get to know digital health as one of the modern health facilities. This is a form of harmony between the health sector and technological advances. The presence of this technology provides many benefits for patients and Indonesian health workers.

Information provided by health workers through online services allows all accessors to conduct medical consultations at home. Some diseases may not be necessary to visit a doctor because they can be treated at home through medical therapy after an online consultation.

The existence of online health services also helps patients know what kind of dangerous or emergency standards require them to see a doctor. With online consultation services, patients can consult more than 1 doctor.

Every doctor will undoubtedly advise the same goal: improving and restoring the patient's health. Through digital health, patients can seek as many medical opinions as possible to find the best.

The most important when consulting online is knowing and understanding the urgency. For some diseases, immediate treatment at the hospital is still the best way for more precise and faster treatment according to the patient's condition.

The Importance of Digital Health for Quality Healthcare

The presence of online health facilities for modern society helps in various ways. Especially for those who are far from health facilities can immediately conduct online consultations when their health conditions begin to decline.

Online services are also one of the determinants of quality facilitators or not. Due to the increasing number of technology use, the existence of digital health provides benefits in various ways, especially time efficiency.

The use of online health services can refer to several things. Starting from registration, consulting with doctors, ordering drugs, and financing prescriptions, to delivering medicines to your home without having to redeem yourself at the pharmacy.

Available BMHS Services

BMHS group, one of Indonesia's major medical facilities, is well aware of the needs of modern society today. Therefore, BMHS presents One Bunda as a form of concern for all Indonesian people.

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When accessing One Bunda, you will be given access to various types of services from BMHS. The different kinds of digital health include the following:

Lab Diagnostics

Diagnostics Lab has the implementation of online health services provided by BMHS for all Indonesian people, without exception. The various services available from Diagnos include:

  • Clinical Lab
  • Genomic Lab
  • Homecare Service
  • SARS-CoV-2 Pemeriksaan examination
  • Inspection Panel

Diagnostics Lab provides more than 300 tests at affordable prices and guaranteed quality. Diagnostics Lab uses the latest facilities, adapting to the times so that the results meet the latest medical needs.

You can access this health facility online without the need to come to the laboratory. Making appointments with health workers is also more accessible with the best facilities from this part of BMHS group one.

Many people have proven that the quality of service from Diagnostics Lab is satisfying. More than that, even the digital health Diagnostics Lab provides a solution for anyone who needs a quick and accurate laboratory examination consultation without having to meet face-to-face.

Morula IVF

Morula IVF is another form of service from BMHS. This Morula IVF service is prioritized for couples carrying out an IVF pregnancy program, and the IVF program is a solution for all teams with fertility problems.

Now, having children is no longer a dream after you know there is the best service from BMHS. In fact, on the 24th anniversary of Morula, a few months ago, the Women's Fair program was held, fertility education for women in the country.

Morula also presents the Morula Care program, which provides opportunities for all Indonesian people to carry out the IVF program for free. Using the Morula IVF digital health facility from One Bunda has many advantages.

Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgery or surgical procedures using automated technology is one of the advantages of services at BMHS. Maintaining the times, robot technology selection has undergone a rigorous selection, and its accuracy is guaranteed in medical procedures.

Not all types of surgery use robots, and it must be seen from the medical case first. Of course, this procedure must be supervised by doctors and other health workers to ensure the operation runs smoothly; the doctor remains the leading actor in determining the action.

So, even if using robot technology, everything is still under the control of specialist doctors to maintain patient safety. The role of robot technology provides timeliness and avoids the possibility of negligence. There are many digital health benefits from BMHS that you can feel now, just remotely.

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Read more about BMHS health innovations here. You can also find information on BMHS assets here, and their CSR activities here.



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