07 October 2022

Indonesian Morula Fertility Education Breaks MURI Record

Fertility education or fertility provided by Morula Indonesia turned out to be able to break the MURI record. Fertility problems in married and single couples seem to be still a taboo or sensitive issue in Indonesia.

Visiting a fertility specialist is the most appropriate solution to answer why after so many years of marriage, couples have not yet had children. Fertility education is the first step to knowing where the problem lies so that you don't have a baby yet.

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The Importance of Fertility Education for Indonesian Couples

Education or education related to fertility for all couples in this country is a fundamental thing that everyone needs to have. Before marriage, knowledge about fertility must be learned as a provision for carrying out a pregnancy program.

The pregnancy program, especially the IVF program, is one of the things that Morula Indonesia prioritizes. The picture of a harmonious family indeed consists of a father, mother, and children. However, unfortunately not all couples have luck.

Detecting the possibility of difficulty in getting offspring as early as possible can help prevent infertility and overcome it if there are indications. IVF program is a form of medical technology advancement for treating fertility problems.

The IVF program is not only intended for couples who have difficulty conceiving when expecting their first child. However, it can also be a solution for couples who want a safer and less risky pregnancy process.

One of the fertility education provided by Morula Indonesia is related to lifestyle. Because if there is no genetic factor, the difficulty of getting offspring likely comes from a lifestyle that must be improved.

Fertility education is essential for all Indonesian people for various reasons. The reasons include the following important points:

  1. Provide accurate knowledge to all couples regarding fertility.
  2. Provide an idea when the right time to start a pregnancy program is.
  3. Help each team choose the right pregnancy program and needed.
  4. It gives a picture of the right time for a fertility check.
  5. Provide support, especially for women, so as not to be discouraged from getting a baby.
  6. Preventing the stigma that if you don't have children, one hundred percent of wives have problems, even though it could be a problem with your husband's sperm.
  7. Fertility education from Morula, Indonesia, provides an opportunity for the knowledge provided to be disseminated through casual chat rooms from one participant to another.
  8. Providing access to couples in the country to get the best service from the experts at Morula IVF.
  9. Provide as free space as possible to conduct consultations with experts assigned to a series of events to commemorate the 24th anniversary.

These various reasons are why Morula Indonesia is here to provide solutions for all couples in Indonesia. In the future, more teams will be adequately educated to implement their programs.

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When you need a doctor's consultation, each partner will know the right time to check their condition. The more accurate the education, the greater the chance each couple will have an easier time getting offspring with or without any pregnancy program.

Indonesian Morula Education at Women's Fair

Women's Fair is a series of events organized by Morula IVF as one of the BMHS group health facilities or Bundamedik Healthcare System. A series of events were held for the entire community of the country.

It is called the Women's Fair because it is a form of psychological support for all women in Indonesia. Morula Indonesia carries out an online event by presenting an Online Fertility Room or RFO, which can be accessed for free.

At a predetermined time, anyone can do a free consultation with experts in their fields. No half-hearted, even this RFO presented as many as 21 obstetrics and gynecology doctors from 10 Morula branches throughout the archipelago.

Per day, the 21 experts are distributed into 5 online rooms with alternating work divisions for 4 shifts. Fertility education is provided every day without stopping alternately from experts. The enthusiasm of the participants was immensely satisfying because it reached thousands.

Until the last day of the fertility education program organized by Morula Indonesia, 1000 people were attending the event. The number of participants turned out to be able to break the record of the Indonesian World Record Museum or the MURI record.

A total of 1000 participants were obtained by part of this BMHS group in just ten days of holding the event. The Women's Fair was also held as part of the 24th anniversary of Morula's dedication to providing services in the field of fertility health.

One of the education given is more directed to the IVF program, which is Morula's top priority. Ivan Sini, the President Director, emphasized that the benefits of holding this event, besides knowledge, were also offering discounted prices.

The participants of the Women's Fair benefit from participating in the IVF program without being charged a penny. It was recorded that 5 couples from various regions this year succeeded in participating in the Morula Indonesia IVF program without paying anything.

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