24 August 2022

The Importance of Economic Digitization for Indonesian Health

The digitalization of the economy has had a significant impact on all aspects, including in terms of health. PT Bundamedik Tbk (BMHS) itself is participating in this digitalization trend. One of them is by developing the digitization of services. BMHS Corporate Communications, dr. Harmeni Wijaya said, "The company realizes that digital needs are increasing, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.".

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With the digitization of this service, it is hoped that patients will no longer have to wait at the location for a long time because the officers will notify the exact time of arrival. This service provides time and energy efficiency for patients so that health services can run more smoothly.

Digitization Driving Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic that has hit the world has also had a good impact on people's habits. Apart from getting people used to practicing health protocols with more discipline, there has been a shift in the payment system or economic digitization in various aspects so that people are more familiar with payment systems that are more sophisticated than before.

The move to switch the payment process to digital form is a solution when the pandemic slows the wheels of the people's economy. By adapting to technology, all business actors can continue to run their businesses well amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

5 Transformations in the Digital Field from BMHS

BMHS or Bundamedik Healthcare System realizes the importance of adapting to these changes. Based on the existing situation, BMHS carried out five transformations to support economic digitization through the following strategies:

  1. Improving customer care services as a means to listen to complaints from patients remotely. Consultants and patients can communicate without meeting face to face to get the best solution.
  2. Develop an Omni channel where patients can redeem drug prescriptions online without the need to go to the hospital. Redemption of the drug, of course, should have been adjusted to the medication the doctor gave.
  3. Relying on big data to support the implementation of digital transformation to serve the wider community.
  4. One of the support for economic digitization from BMHS is also the protection of information or personal data of site visitors so that it does not leak to anyone.
  5. Human resources are ready to provide online services to support the smooth running of digitalization.

Currently, BMHS continues to adapt and transform to become a sustainable business to overcome challenges according to the times.

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The immense value of the economic turnover owned by Indonesia makes it a potential market for foreign business people. Therefore, Indonesian business units must optimize this great opportunity before other countries control it.

BMHS has prepared several strategies to welcome Indonesia's digital economy era. The company has determined 5 activities in related fields that will help maximize future economic potential. One of the activities in receiving a large market is improving the customer journey experience.

Adapting the Health Sector's Needs for Digital Services

The pandemic that has hit the world has forced various sectors to develop businesses in the digital realm. It is predicted that the digital economy system will even become a potential transaction system in 2030.

Preparing to face this situation, BMHS carried out a series of economic digitization to keep up with the times. Of course, there will be tough competition from the health sector. For that, preparing human resources early on is the solution.

In addition to providing innovation to the company's performance, digitizing services provide convenience and practicality for people who use the service. In the health sector, digitization can be seen in consultations and drug purchases.

With the digitization of services, consultations with doctors can be done from home as long as there is an internet connection. Each hospital has a policy regarding contacts who can be contacted, whether through WhatsApp numbers, specific applications, or simply by filling out a reservation form.

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Find other BMHS developments on this page, and their asset information here. You can also read their CSR activity report here.


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