22 August 2022

Maximize Children's Quality of Life with Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Monogenic Diseases (PGT-M)

Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Monogenic Diseases or PGT-M is one of the early efforts of parents to ensure the health of the prospective baby in the womb. Before carrying out this examination, you must first consult with a specialist.

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Indication of Mandatory Testing

This medical procedure has to get a recommendation from a doctor and cannot apply if there is no indication that the prospective patient must run the program. The following are some of the conditions below which patients can only follow PGT-M since the baby is in the womb:

  1. Have experience termination of pregnancy in the previous pregnancy due to a severe genetic condition
    Already have children, and your child is in a fatal genetic condition
    Having a family history or genetics that are detrimental to both the father and mother
    Have a family history of chromosomal problems

Based on these various considerations, the doctor gave directions to perform the Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Monogenic Diseases (PGT-M) procedure. Thus, what you have to do to determine whether or not this program is needed is:

  1. Patients are required to carry out consultations with specialist doctors at the hospital concerned
  2. Blood sampling with results to be notified after 4 to 8 weeks
  3. On the fifth or sixth day, embryo biopsy, as well as embryo freezing, is the third PGT-M procedure
  4. Execution of tests and reporting of results in at least 2 weeks
  5. Finally, the process that must be passed is the frozen embryo transfer cycle

With this examination, you can maximize the potential of the child's life even before the pregnancy program.

PGT-M Test by Laboratory Diagnostics

Through the official Diagnostic Laboratory website, you can ask direct questions regarding PGT-M. Until now, Diagnostic Laboratory branches have spread in six cities, including Central Jakarta, South Tangerang, Bandung, Padang, Makassar, Bali, and Batam. In the future, Diagnostics Lab will also open branches in Medan City and Surabaya City.

Preparations made before starting the PGT-M cycle were through genetic counseling. When performing PGT-M, blood samples from your partner and immediate family may be needed as a reference. All tests must be scheduled in advance and coordinated through Diagnostics Genomics, the service of Laboratory Diagnostics.

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Laboratory Diagnostics is part of the BMHS (Bundamedik Healthcare System), which aims to promote and evenly distribute health facilities throughout Indonesia. Apart from PGT-M services, Genomics Diagnostics also provides NIPT and PGT-A examinations.

This NIPT screening test aims to identify chromosomal abnormalities of the unborn baby, which can be indicated by testing the mother's blood. This test can estimate the risk of a child's Down syndrome and several other significant chromosomal disorders.

PGT-A, or screening for aneuploidy, is a reproductive technology carried out with the In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycle or IVF program. This test analyzes the embryo's chromosomes before it is transferred into the uterus.

Improve Children's Quality of Life Early on

As is known, PGT-M allows couples with inherited genetic conditions to increase the potential for better health quality for their biological children. This is made possible because it is a test performed before implantation to help identify single gene abnormalities in the embryo during IVF or IVF to avoid conceiving a child with a genetic disorder.

With this examination, you can begin to maximize the child's best potential even before the pregnancy program to improve the baby's quality of life in the future.

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