Corporate 19 August 2022

The New Branch of Diagnos Laboratorium Utama in Bandung

The Main Laboratory Diagnos (DGNS) presence in Bandung is a solution for Bandung residents who want to have their health checked. Thus, Bandung residents can enjoy the benefits of Laboratory Diagnos health services more practically.

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The company's consideration to open a branch in Bandung is in line with the increasing ability of the middle class to get the best health services. Many modern hospitals trigger the opening of new units.

Realization of Plans since 2021

As one of the Bundamedik Healthcare System business lines, Diagnos Lab is also aware of the high need for the Bandung community for adequate health facilities, and the plan to establish a new branch of Diagnos Laboratory Main in Bandung has been prepared since 2021.

The opening of a new branch was announced in 2022. Later, in addition to providing laboratory services, this health facility will also play an essential role as a clinic for the local community. The expansion of services takes into account the health needs of residents in addition to providing a sense of comfort and creating efficiency because with two services in one place, patients can seek treatment more practically.

Later, the clinic and the lab's location will be on Jalan Dayang Sumbi, Bandung, West Java. In addition, the construction of this branch is expected to positively impact the parties by creating new jobs and increasing state revenue through regional levies, income taxes, and multiplier effects of economic benefits.

3 Plans Towards Realization

Like other companies engaged in any field, the Diagnos management department also updates its business plan periodically for the future. Until now, Diagnos Lab has three big intends to face the tough competition in 2022. What are those plans? Check out the three main goals of the following Main Laboratory Diagnos:

1. Adding Branch

The first big plan is to slowly increase the number of branches evenly throughout the cities of Indonesia. In addition to Bandung, Diagnos Lab also plans to open branches in Surabaya and Medan to meet the community's need for health facilities.

Fanfan Riksani, the company secretary of DGNS, has confirmed the plan to complete the existing branches. With more units, it is hoped that more Indonesian people will get the best facilities.

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2. Adding Outlet

In addition to focusing on adding branches, DGNS also plans to open 10 to 20 outlets in various locations. The number of planned additions is to complete 36 outlets throughout Indonesia.

Diagnos Laboratory Utama is looking for partners with the same goal to expedite the process of providing health services. Because, unlike independent branches, outlets are institutions that are joined to other institutions or hospitals.

3. Planning Investment Budget

Diagnos Lab has allocated 40 billion rupiahs to realize this plan. The funds are allocated for capital and business development and are intended to add supporting equipment to complement medical personnel.

Building branches and outlets have already started, and Diagnos Lab recorded revenue of Rp 250.83 billion in the third quarter of 2021. This number rose 149.10% compared to the same period last year of Rp 100.69 billion.

Diagnos Lab was also recorded to reap significant profit growth for the year. DGNS net profit shot up 130.55% to Rp 63.97 billion as of September last year, from Rp 27.74 billion in September 2020.

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