Corporate 18 August 2022

Bundamedik Profits from DGNS Shares

Bundamedik Healthcare System (BMHS) is reported to have profited from DGNS shares, one of which is shares owned by PT Diagnos Laboratorium Utama Tbk. It is known that the nominal amount acquired by BMHS reached Rp. 8.87 billion.

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The transaction value gives BMHS total ownership of 2% since the collaboration on June 23, 2022. This investment is one of BMHS' efforts to create more integrated health services.

Creating More Integrated Health Services

To create a more integrated health service, BMHS was acquired to provide the best service to all patients. Diagnos itself is a subsidiary of Bundamedik in the BMHS business group ecosystem.

Based on the 2021 consolidated financial statements, BMHS' total equity, total assets, net income, and profit for the year amounted to Rp 1.68 trillion, Rp 2.68 trillion, Rp 1.71 trillion, and Rp 315.36 billion, respectively.

Meanwhile, in the 2021 DGNS consolidated financial statements, DGNS' total assets, net income, and profit for the year amounted to Rp 241.98 billion, Rp 302.18 billion, and Rp 64.30 billion, respectively. This profit is also expected to positively contribute to the company's consolidated financial performance, providing added value for all company shareholders.

With the acquisition of DGNS shares by BMHS, this health service provider is trying to expand its market share by providing complete health facilities. The acquisition also makes the company stronger and better prepared to face competitors in advancing the quality of Indonesian healthcare.

The President Director of Bundamedik, Mesha Rizal Sini, expressed his hope that the transaction decision would provide equal benefits to all shareholders. Diagnostic Laboratory is a flexible health examination service thanks to home or health services with direct home visits. A team of professionals will come directly to the site to bring a blood sample and then examine the sample in the laboratory.

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The acquisition of DGNS shares by BMHS makes it easier for all old and new patients to get health services from one door. Patients do not need to go to other places for blood checks, health checks for the heart, kidneys, lungs, and so on.

In addition to providing home-based services, the Diagnostic Laboratory also provides health services to employees in the company. To date, Diagnostics branches have spread to six cities, including:

  1. At Mother and Child Hospital in Central Jakarta, Jl Teuku Cik Ditiro Number 12
  2. South Padang, Jalan Proclamation Number 39, RT 08/02, Alang Laweh
  3. Batam, the exact location is Jl Abulyatama Ruko Uniba Blok B Number 12
  4. Ciputat Branch, South Tangerang is located at Jl RE Martadinata Number 28
  5. West Denpasar Branch, Bali, located right on Jl Diponegoro Number 147 Dauh Puri Kelod
  6. Makassar Branch, Jl Urip Sumoharjo Number 9, Panakukang

The six cities mentioned above can enjoy complete health facilities from the Diagnostic Laboratory. You can use the service to come directly to the location or ask a medical officer to come to the specified address.

In adding clinical business activities, Diagnos is committed to providing added value for BMHS stakeholders. The clinic that BMHS will build is one of the efforts to improve the quality of health laboratory products and services, which then adds to the quality of service.

In the health sector, acquiring DGNS shares by BMHS is the right decision to provide the best service for all Indonesian people.

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Learn more about BMHS's expansion steps on this pageand their asset information here. Read also about BMHS CSR actions here.


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