12 August 2022

Online Fertility Room Service on Morula Indonesia's 24th Anniversary

Morula Indonesia is a subsidiary of the Bundamedik Healthcare System (BMHS), which has just reached the age of 24. At that moment, Morula conveyed the presence of the Online Fertility Room service.

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Online Fertility Room Service is an online consultation carried out for free with doctors or experts where the general public can access consultation services without paying any fees.

Online Fertility Room Service on HUT-24

Online Fertility Room is one of the services with the latest technology from Morula Indonesia to meet the needs of the Indonesian people regarding fertility. In addition, Morula Indonesia is also developing new branches in various regions.

Various services, technology, and the addition of new branches are expected to bring Morula Indonesia closer to people from different regions in Indonesia. Morula is already operating and collaborating with Bunda Group Hospital and Diagnostics Lab to expand the range and variety of existing services.

Morula Indonesia held the 24th Anniversary event with the theme 'Women's Fair'. The event was held offline and online as a form of offering to all women in the country. The Online Fertility Room (RFO) provides free online consultation sessions by presenting 21 obstetricians and gynecologists from 10 branches of Morula Indonesia.

RFO also provides mentoring programs by professional nurses from Morula Indonesia. The team is divided into 4 shifts in 5 online rooms simultaneously to give education on fertility every day for 10 days.

Without fees, the public can consult freely about IVF, PGTA, insemination, DNA Test, PGS/PGT-A, NIPT, AMH, PGT-M, ERAS delivery method, robotic surgery, and various other services from BMHS.

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The Online Fertility Room is held regularly for 10 days every week in June 2022. This free service targets 2,000 prospective patients from all regions in the country, where the results will be recorded in the Indonesian Museum of World Records.

People interested in joining the Online Fertility Room can listen to the complete information on the Morula website, namely at You can also get information about Morula's various services on the website.

About IVF Services at Morula Indonesia

Morula IVF Indonesia is one of the Bundamedik Healthcare System business lines and one of the country's most significant fertility clinics. IVF program or in vitro fertilization is a reproductive program through the help of sperm and egg mating.

The IVF program itself has great potential in the country. With a growth of 16% annually after many Indonesian married couples have proven the success of the pregnancy program through the IVF program.

The average couple experiencing infertility reaches 11-12%. This number can be reduced by infertility therapy, which amounts to about 250,000 new couples per year, one of which is through IVF programs. Morula IVF Indonesia has served more than 125,000 patients and 28,000 cycles, with the highest success rate reaching 72%.

Although it has achieved a high success rate, Morula IVF continues developing technology to provide children with quality and effective services. The BMHS itself also stated that it would continue to expand services to all patients, both through new technology and services as well as the addition of new branches in Indonesia.

Thus, each married couple of prospective Morula Indonesia patients will feel more comfortable in undergoing the IVF program and is expected to be able to help reduce the stigma of lacking the quality of Indonesian medical science itself.

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Apart from this online fertility space, BMHS has also added several efforts that you can read on this pageto help Indonesia's fertility problems. Also find information on BMHS assets here, and their CSR activities here.


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