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IVF Program Opportunities for All of Southeast Asia

IVF program or in-vitro fertilization is a modern solution for married couples who cannot have children naturally. The program has proven effective in bringing offspring to many teams in Indonesia.

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In-vitro fertilization is already accessible in Indonesia thanks to the development of increasingly sophisticated technology. The program has even developed into a trend because it can present children even though they have fertility problems.

The problem is that until now, many people still do not know the availability of these services in Indonesia. Because of this ignorance, most Indonesians prefer treatment abroad, such as in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

BMHS Advantages in IVF Program Services

PT Bundamedik Tbk posted high profits by the end of 2021. The increase in revenue was obtained from all main business lines (non-COVID-19 business), including Morula IVF.

BMHS revenue growth is supported by strengthening business fundamentals that can help in the long term. The company also continues to expand nationally and enhance its core business yearly. Bundamedik Healthcare System (BMHS) has provided health services through hospitals, Morula IVF, and laboratories.

As a provider of IVF programs, Morula IVF has contributed up to 30% of consolidated revenues during 2021, and the increase has reached 50%. Apart from the program, BMHS's overall non-COVID-19 service revenue increase was 27%.

In 2021, BMHS's main business lines achieved many achievements, such as opening two RSIAs in Bali and Palembang when the pandemic was still rampant.

Bunda Group Hospital also recorded an increase of 5% for outpatients, 70% in the number of inpatient days, and 63% occupancy of bedrooms. IVF clinics have increased by 56%, and Diagnostic Laboratory have doubled through the addition of new laboratories.

BMHS also seeks to improve its health services through efforts to collaborate with strategic partners. Such as adding insurance partners, Smart Clinics, and Fertility Clinics.

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Aside from providing health services for the country's people, BMHS also supports education and research through collaboration with Airlangga University. This collaboration is expected to be able to improve the capabilities and skills of medical personnel.

The Potential of the IVF Services Market

The market potential for IVF services in Indonesia is significant, with approximately 250,000 potential couples requiring in-vitro fertilization treatment. However, there are still many people who choose to undergo the program abroad.

The community action is based on the lack of IVF clinics in Indonesia. There are only about 40 clinics with 100 embryologists, so it is not surprising that people tend to choose to seek treatment in Singapore, Malaysia, or Thailand.

The Covid-19 pandemic, which has closed access to foreign countries, creates opportunities for IVF services in the country. Some people finally found Morula IVF and trusted the IVF program in Indonesia.

Morula IVF handles approximately 50% of in-vitro fertilization programs in Indonesia. Morula IVF provides the best program with tested and standardized experience commensurate with accreditation in Australia and New Zealand.

The opportunity for the IVF program is not only in Indonesia but also in Southeast Asia, based on health tourism, for the program has its potential. BMHS assesses that this opportunity needs to be utilized in developing IVF programs in the country. One is carried out by acquiring clinics and hospitals at Morula IVF Surabaya in 2021.

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BMHS has also developed itself apart from taking the opportunity of the IVF program. You can find these other opportunities on this page, and their asset information here. Also, find news of their CSR activities here.


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