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Take A Peek At How Bmhs Improves The Performance Of Health Workers

Bundamedik Healthcare System (BMHS) continues to carry out business transformation to improve the performance of health workers in addition to improving the quality of health services. One of these efforts is to bring in health workers who are alert, competent, and professional.

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Health workers with high skills and alertness supported by qualified infrastructure will foster customer satisfaction. BMHS realizes this understanding in business lines such as Bunda Group Hospital, Morula IVF, Laboratory Diagnostics, ER, IMTB, etc. One form of competency improvement is the implementation of Virtual Town Hall nursing.

The event is intended for all nurses in the BMHS line of business. The goal is to improve skills, knowledge, and experience in providing the best nursing care to patients.

2022 BMHS Health Workforce Training

BMHS has more than 49 years of experience in providing patient-focused services. Until now, BMHS continues to train workers in all business lines to achieve high and standardized competencies.

The benefit of the BMHS commitment is patient loyalty even for generations from the quality of service and facilities. The following are some of the training for health workers carried out by BMHS.

1. Nurse Training

Bundamedik Healthcare System organizes nurse training in nursing documentation and ECG training. Both are equally important in providing fast and quality services for patients.

Nursing documentation is important to patient care because it follows the patient's condition and development. The documentation itself can be a legal basis for carrying out treatment.

Nurses are responsible for collecting data and assessing the patient's health status. Then determine the care plan, and do not forget to evaluate the program.

Meanwhile, the ECG training is aimed at training nurses in checking the ECG using an electrocardiogram machine that records the electrical activity of the heart muscle. The tool shows the data on a visual screen or printed on paper.

In training, each participant is also required to interpret the data. Participants were trained to run an ECG recording and then identify normal, abnormal ECGs (arrhythmias) and other life-threatening heart rhythms.

2. Service Training Simulation

The next training for health workers is in the form of Training Service Simulation. This training contains 3 Service Excellence Program modules at once, in the form of Service Communication, Handling Complaints, and Greeting Grooming.

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This training is aimed at health workers who often have direct contact with patients, such as admissions, cashiers, polyclinic nurses, pharmacists, pharmaceutical technical personnel, and security. The training is carried out through role-playing related to daily cases in the field involving work units.

This training is intended to increase knowledge about service excellence. Currently, the Training Service Simulation only covers the business units of RSIA Bunda Jakarta and RSU Bunda Jakarta and will be carried out thoroughly for plans.

3. Nursing Committee Revitalization

The increase in health workers is also included in the nursing committee at BMHS. The training consists of discussions on work programs, career path mapping, implementation of clinical supervision and service quality audits, and competency assessments for the credentialing process.

4. BX-BAU Nursing Socialization

The BX-BAU Nursing socialization was carried out by explaining nursing demographics which focused on the distribution of nurses, employee status, and years of service to professional levels. The socialization was carried out in the nursing service division, from the chairman of the nursing committee to the director.

Meanwhile, several strategies that can support BX are developing a nurse e-learning platform, digitizing the nurse logbook, running nursing credentials, and establishing an ANC, CI & CI Coordinator.

5. Indonesian Training and Education BMHS ICU Training

The last effort to increase health workers is ICU training, which is expected to equip nurses to provide intensive care to patients. This training collaborated with the Indonesian Education and Training BMHS with participants, including nurses at the RSU Bunda Jakarta, RSU Bunda Margonda, and RSU Bunda Padang. The training was held at RSU Bunda Jakarta and RSU Bunda Margonda.

BNI Bank Appreciation

PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or Bank BNI held a special event as a form of appreciation for nurses and midwives at BMHS and several other hospitals.

The event was named "BNI Berbagi," a BUMN CSR. The goal is to give attention and support to health workers and midwives who are always on standby in dealing with all risks at the forefront when the Covid-19 pandemic arrives.

BMHS would like to thank BNI for the appreciation given to the Bundamedik Healthcare System health workers. Nurses and midwives work hard during the pandemic because they face the risk of life-threatening illnesses.

Bank BNI itself hopes that the public will not forget the services of health workers once Covid-19 passes because they have been instrumental in helping the community face Covid-19 and various other diseases.

The appreciation from Bank BNI is also expected to encourage health workers to serve the people of Indonesia. So the health workers also realize that many parties still appreciate their struggle.

Improving the competence of all health workers in each Bundamedik Healthcare System business unit is a commitment to providing the best health services. Professional health workers are expected to be able to carry out their duties to the fullest.

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Apart from improving the performance of health workers, BMHS also carries out many service innovations, acquisitions, and expansions to develop their health service ecosystem. Read more here, their CSR activities here, and BMHS asset information here.


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