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Bunda Raises a Healthy and Smart Generation

Indonesia is a country that is still experiencing growth problems in infants and children, including stunting, where toddlers experience growth failure due to chronic malnutrition. Bundamedik Healthcare System (BMHS) is also trying to give birth to a healthy and intelligent generation to solve this problem, and one way is through Grofato product innovation.

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Indonesia's Generation Growth Problem

There are still many children in Indonesia who experience weight loss or failure to thrive, which in the long term will lead to stunting. Quoted from the Bali Health Service publication, this condition occurs in infants under 5 years old due to chronic malnutrition. This condition is characterized by a child's height that is too short for his age. Malnutrition can occur since the baby is in the womb and in the early days after the baby is born but will often be more significant after the baby is 2 years old.

Stunting itself is not only caused by the poor nutrition of pregnant women and toddlers. After birth, the first 1000 days of life (HPK) of children under five are the duration that is very influential on the continued growth of the child. To prevent stunting in your toddler, avoid the following factors:

  1. Poor parenting practices to the lack of parental knowledge about health and nutrition before and during pregnancy until after giving birth significantly affect the child's growth process.
  2. Limitations on maternal and child health services during pregnancy, after delivery, and quality early learning.
  3. Lack of nutrition and nutrition that children must get.
  4. Lack of clean water that has been sanitized.

The Consequences of Growth Stunting for Children

Various factors cause growth stunting, and the consequences of this condition do not only affect the physical growth of children. Find out more about the effects of stunting from the following explanation.

1. Cognitive Disorders

Several studies have found that children with stunting have low cognitive abilities and low levels of focus. It can also negatively affect the learning process and academic achievement.

2. Poor Health Quality

Researchers are still finding out the cause, but often children with stunting experience non-communicable diseases as adults, such as heart disease, obesity, and hypertension.

In addition, the malnutrition experienced also leads to a child's immune system being lower than average and making the child more susceptible to recurrent infectious diseases.

3. Low Performance

The decline in the quality of cognition and health of children in adulthood also affects their ability and work productivity. Low performance leads to lower economic income, so stunting conditions need to be addressed early on.

One form of prevention can be done by ensuring that pregnant women have adequate food intake. Parents also need regular pregnancy control with a doctor or health worker. After the birth, monitor the child's nutritional status consistently until 2 years.

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It is also important to provide exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of a child's life, followed by appropriate complementary foods (MPASI).

Overcome Weight Gain Disorder with Grofato to Become a Healthy and Smart Generation

One of the initial preparations you can make to overcome stunting is to ensure that the consumption of pregnant women is met. Mothers should consume a healthy and balanced diet during pregnancy, even before pregnancy, to ensure that the fetus will receive optimal nutrition in the womb.

For better preparation, parents can also regularly conduct child health consultations. Schedule a consultation with a medical professional such as a nurse or doctor who can help check the child's health and provide the best advice.

After the birth, you must also ensure that the child's nutritional intake and nutrition are met. Initiated during the pandemic at the end of 2020, Grofato (grow fast gelato) is one of Sooki's products in the form of gelato or ice cream made from protein and high-calorie milk.

This high-calorie Gelato product is an alternative intake for children older than one year. dr. Tiwi, a pediatrician at Bunda Group Hospital, stated that this product functions more as a complementary supplement or snack and does not replace food whose use requires instructions or the advice of a doctor.

This product is highly recommended for children with small growth risks or needs to pursue an age-appropriate weight. Grofato can also be an interesting alternative for children who don't like milk. Consumption of Grofato can be circumvented by combining it with bread, and pancakes or making it dip with waffles to train children to consume healthy foods as they grow.

On the same occasion, Dr. Ivan Rizal Sini SpOG, the President Commissioner of PT Bundamedik Tbk, which oversees the Bunda Hospital Group added that Grofato is an approach that does not stress parents in meeting nutritional needs to support children's growth.

Grofato products contain various nutritional components to help improve children's growth and development. Grofato has also been proven to help overcome weight gain disorders in children treated at RSIA Bunda Jakarta in 2020.

As soon as Grofato obtains BPOM certification in 2022, Sooki, the producer of Grofato, seeks to spread the product to a broader range of people to help give birth to a healthy and intelligent generation.

The country's people are encouraged to meet their nutritional intake and pay attention to sanitation or environmental hygiene to grow a healthy and intelligent generation in the future.

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