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Collaboration of Alodokter, Telon Lang Plus, and BMHS for the Indonesian IVF Program

IVF program is one way that married couples can run to have children. This is an alternative for Indonesian people who find it difficult to get pregnant or give birth normally.

Alodokter, Telon Lang Plus, and Morula IVF Indonesia, a line of business from the Bundamedik Healthcare System (BMHS), are trying to bring new hope to couples experiencing pregnancy. This is pursued through a collaborative campaign between the three brands.

The campaign's title is #SehangatHarapanIbu which invites Indonesian families who do not have children to continue to hope and get a prize for the IVF program at Morula IVF.

#SehangatHarapanIbu Campaign to Overcome Fertility Problems

Many married couples in Indonesia want children before marriage, but data from the BKKBN shows another fact.

Deputy for National Research and Development Training of BKKBN, Prof. Muhammad Rizal Martua Damanik, explained that the fertility rate of population dynamics in Indonesia has decreased. From 2.6 children per woman in the 2002-2012 Indonesian Demographic and Health Survey (IDHS) period to 2.4 children in the 2017 IDHS. The data is based on survey results and Population Census data.

Despite the decline, Indonesians can start a pregnancy program by relying on IVF technology or In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Through this program, the community can have a successful pregnancy and the birth of a baby that is no less healthy. Morula IVF Indonesia himself stated that the program's success rate reached the highest number of up to 72%.

It should be noted that the chances of pregnancy in married couples are not the same because many factors affect the level of fertility of both. To be able to take IVF, married couples need to do a health test and fertility screening first.

Fertility tests that married couples must carry out are sperm quality tests, uterus quality, cervix, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. Then also run lifestyle consultations to support a successful pregnancy.

Telon Lang Plus and Alodokter are also trying to help married couples to be blessed with a baby soon through the #SehangatHarapanIbu campaign. The program invites the public to participate in the Fertility Screening program or fertility check and IVF program with Telon Lang Plus at Morula IVF. Everything is held for the community free of charge.

Thus, the public does not need to worry if they are interested in doing IVF at Morula IVF Indonesia because Morula IVF Indonesia has been operating for 24 years with the latest technology and international certification.

Telon Lang Plus and Alodokter's Efforts for IVF Morula IVF

IVF is an alternative that has been proven to be successful in helping couples undergo pregnancy with satisfactory results. General Manager Medical Business & Operations Morula Indonesia, dr. Azhar Nurbahri, MD, stated that the IVF program is currently the primary alternative for having children.

This claim can be proven from the record that Morula Indonesia has been operating for 24 years, with the latest technology and international certification, and to date has helped more than 100,000 patients both from Indonesia and abroad.

According to Telon Lang Plus, the #SewarmHarapanIbu campaign has been implemented by cooperating with program partners who can provide better services, namely Alodokter and Morula IVF Indonesia.

Alodokter revealed that their site report shows the theme of pregnancy and growth and development of babies and children is the most searched topic even though the Alodokter site has other content themes.

This phenomenon provides an understanding for Alodokter regarding the strong desire of the Indonesian people to have children. Through the #SewarmHarapanIbu collaboration, this campaign is expected to be able to inspire Indonesian families always to strive to realize their dream family.

Alodokter also expressed a desire to realize a commitment to assist IVF programs through the role of telehealth technology to provide digital education to the public regarding health.

Through the #SewarmHarapanIbu collaboration, Alodokter provides consultation services using the 'Chat Doctor' feature on the Alodokter platform. Consultation can be done with a gynecologist.

Through this feature, Indonesian families can check the continuation of the fertility test and the next stages. Alodokter also offers various content about IVF, maintaining fertility, to preparing for pregnancy. All content provided by Alodokter has also gone through a doctor's verification process so that the truth of the content is guaranteed.

Meanwhile, to help the community care for children, Telon Lang Plus set the vision of 'Caring for The New Generation,' which allows parents to care for and protect babies from various minor health problems.

Telon Lang Plus and Alodokter do not have a direct role in running the IVF program. Nevertheless, both have their respective efforts in supporting the smooth running of the program.

Such as Alodokter, which provides IVF content to educate the public, and Telon Lang Plus presents products to protect toddlers from hypothermia. Thus, preparation for baby care can run more maturely before and after pregnancy.


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