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BMHS Acquisition and Investment in the 2022 Growth Strategy

PT Bundamedik Tbk or Bundamedik Healthcare System (BMHS) is developing more aggressively in 2022. This is evident from several acquisitions, investments, and expansions that have been realized by BMHS to grow and develop even more.

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Bundamedik's President Commissioner, Ivan Sini, stated that BMHS had prepared 4 main agendas to meet the growth target. The agenda includes:

  • Expanding business networks
  • Strengthening key business lines
  • Enhancing cooperation
  • Preparing for resilient business growth

BMHS Expansion Gets More Aggressive in 2022

More aggressive expansion in early 2022 is a growth strategy to expand and deepen business networks. Not long ago, Bundamedik built the Bunda Vida General Hospital in Bekasi, adding to the Bunda Group hospital network.

The construction of the 5-story public hospital is calculated to take about 15 months. The plan is for Bunda Vida RSU Bekasi to provide 100 beds to serve the needs of health facilities for the residents of Bekasi and its surroundings.

In addition to hospitals, the expansion of the BMHS health ecosystem is also carried out by the Laboratory Diagnostics network. According to its business plan, the Bundamedik subsidiary will add more branches and outlets for Diagnostic Laboratory in several cities.

Growth strategy in 2022, Diagnos plans to add 4 branches and 10-20 lab outlets. Previously, Diagnostic Laboratory under the auspices of BMHS had 5 units and around 30 outlets spread across several cities in Indonesia.

With the addition of the number of branches and outlets, the Diagnostic Laboratory network is increasingly widespread and can provide examination services to more community groups. In this way, the BMHS health ecosystem is also getting stronger.

A number of greenfield expansions and acquisitions will also be carried out in 2022 in the Greater Jakarta area. This expansion is also aimed at strengthening the position of BMHS as a health service with a complete and modern ecosystem.

BMHS Growth Strategy Through Acquisition

During the 2021 period, Bundamedik made many acquisitions of hospitals and clinics. One of them is the acquisition of PT Pintu Sains, the manager of RSIA Azzahra, Palembang at the end of December 2021.

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Entering 2022, BMHS is still aggressively making acquisitions to maximize business growth. On April 7, 2022, BMHS through PT Morula Indonesia officially acquired 100% shares of PT Medika Sejahtera Bersama.

The shares of PT Medika Sejahtera Bersama, which is the manager of RSIA Pusura Tegalsari Surabaya, were taken over 100% with a value of Rp 39 billion. This acquisition is a growth strategy that further strengthens Morula IVF Indonesia's network in East Java.

In the previous year, BMHS also acquired Morula IVF Surabaya. This acquisition is projected to be able to serve the people in East Java, especially Surabaya, who are enthusiastic and interested in the IVF program.

BMHS Investment to Boost Growth

To strengthen its main business lines, BMHS invests a budget in building and developing the digitization of health services. In addition, BMHS is also involved in funding health startups. Here are other efforts that BMHS has put in place to help its growth.

1. Digitizing Health Services

The digital healthcare market in Asia is still very potent. Apart from the collaboration between Diagnos Lab and Zyrex, BMHS also builds and develops robotic surgery technology in response to the high public demand for this service.

The business growth strategy through robotic surgery is in demand because minimally invasive surgery has a safer process and faster recovery.

2. Klinik Pintar Funding

Last year, Bundamedik was funding the Klinik Pintar series A worth US$4.15 million or equivalent to Rp. 58 billion. Singaporean venture capitalist Golden Gate Ventures is leading the funding.

Following its main agenda, BMHS enhances partnerships with stakeholders from various sectors, such as Zyrex (technology) and startups such as Halodoc and Klinik Pintar.

Bundamedik has prepared its ecosystem to target areas with difficulty accessing health facilities. In this way, Indonesian health facilities will also be distributed more evenly.

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