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BMHS Strategy to Optimize the Health Quality of Depok Residents

A healthy life can be obtained in various ways, from exercising regularly, eating healthy foods, living a healthy lifestyle, and avoiding bad habits.

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To improve the quality of life for Depok residents to be healthier, the Bundamedik Healthcare System (BMHS) is committed to providing quality health services in a complete and integrated ecosystem.

BMHS Strategy to Improve the Health Quality of Depok Residents

BMHS oversees various types of business units in the health sector. Starting from hospitals, laboratories, clinics, dental health services, pharmacies, and others. Through these multiple services, BMHS is committed to participating in improving the quality of life for Depok residents.

Bundamedik Healthcare System itself has a more aggressive business growth target in 2022. The main commissioner of BMHS, Ivan Sini, said the company had prepared 4 main strategies to meet these targets. Here's the explanation.

1.       Expanding and Deepening the Business Network

The first strategy is to optimize the quality of public health, especially Depok residents, by expanding and deepening business networks. One of the steps that have been taken is the acquisition of hospitals and clinics.

One of them is the acquisition of RSIA Pusura Tegalsari Surabaya by a subsidiary of BMHS, namely Morula IVF Indonesia. Through this acquisition, Morula IVF's position as a fertility clinic is further strengthened with an extensive network in Indonesia.

The public's interest and enthusiasm for IVF facility services are increasing. The market share, which is almost 50%, makes Morula IVF one of BMHS' superior services.

2.       Strengthening Core Business

The following health quality improvement strategy is internally strengthening the main business lines. This strategy is realized through the development of digitizing robotic surgery services (robotic surgery).

Robotic surgery technology, which has received rave reviews, is still one of the main focuses. The development of this technology continues to be carried out to increase competitiveness amid technological developments and medical tourism.

3.       Improving Strategic Partnerships

The third strategy is to improve cooperative relationships with stakeholders from various cross-sectoral institutions. This collaboration is expected to complement each other to produce even better health services for the community.

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The more comprehensive a partnership is, the wider the potential to form a more extensive and robust community network. In this way, the quality of public health in general and Depok residents, in particular, will improve with the breadth of access to health they can reach.

One of the collaborations carried out by BMHS is collaborating with a technology device and Internet of Things provider company, Zyrex. Laboratory Diagnostics, as part of BMHS, reached an agreement with Zyrex.

In the signed MoU, Diagnos and Zyrex collaborate to realize the digitization of laboratory services. Technology tools and integrated systems can achieve faster, more effective, and more efficient service quality.

4.       Committed to Business Growth

Bundamedik is committed to resilient business growth. BMHS is also preparing a strategy with the ecosystem within the company to achieve the target of optimizing the quality of public health.

The existence of a broad and integrated ecosystem is what characterizes and distinguishes Bundamedik from other health services. The ecosystem that has been built has become its strength in creating innovations. The BMHS health service ecosystem includes:

Bunda Hospital Group (RSU, RSIA, and BIC)
Morula IVF (fertility clinic/in vitro fertilization facility)
Laboratory Diagnostics
Bunda Global Pharma (pharmaceutical distributor)
Emergency Response (ER)
BMHS Indonesian Education and Training (nursing training)
Prima Dental (dental maintenance and health)
Indonesia Medical Tourism Board (IMTB)
Daima Norwood Menteng (hospitality)
Smart Mother
RSJP Paramarta
Indonesian Fertility Clinic
With a more aggressive business growth target than in the previous period, BMHS is committed to implementing these 4 main strategies as effectively as possible. That way, Bundamedik's health service units can optimize the quality of health, especially for Depok residents.

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