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Diagnos Laboratory Business Plan for 2022

In every changeover period, companies, including companies in the health sector, have designed a business plan to develop their business. One of the companies in the health sector is PT Diagnostics Laboratorium Utama Tbk (DGNS).

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Diagnostic Laboratory is part of the Bundamedik Healthcare System that provides laboratory services for health examination purposes. In 2022, Laboratory Diagnostics has designed several business plans. Here is the explanation.

Laboratory Diagnostics Business Plan in 2022

Diagnosis is a clinical laboratory that provides high-quality, reliable, and consistent services in giving the best efforts to partners and patients. As a fully qualified and fully equipped laboratory, Diagnosis is always patient-oriented.

1.      Additional Branches and Outlets

One of the plans prepared by DGNS in 2022 is to expand by opening four new branches in several cities. The plan is that the four new branches will be opened in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, and Medan.

The plan to add branches was conveyed by the Corporate Secretary of DGNS, Fanfan Risani. The addition of these branches will complement the five existing Diagnostics branches, namely the Jakarta, Padang, South Tangerang, Denpasar, and Makassar branches.

In addition, Fanfan added that the 2022 DGNS business plan also includes the addition of the Laboratory Diagnostics network. This year, the target for adding network outlets is around 10-20 outlets.

To add outlets, companies need to consider many factors because establishing outlets involves cooperation with other parties such as clinics or hospitals. Currently, DGNS has 36 outlets spread throughout Indonesia.

2.       Investment Budget Plan

To streamline the implementation of the business plan, DGT allocates a budget of around Rp 40 billion for capital expenditure purposes. The capital expenditure (CapEx) funds in 2022 are mainly used for business development.

Fanfan explained that the investment needed to open a new branch could reach Rp 1 billion. The budget is used for equipment spending, costs related to licensing, and meeting the needs of the human resources involved.

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Meanwhile, the investment value required to establish a new outlet ranges from Rp. 300-700 million, depending on the type of outlet. Investment in the establishment of a Pratama outlet requires funds of Rp. 300-400 million, while the main outlet is around Rp. 500-700 million.

Laboratory Diagnostic Service

The Laboratory Diagnostics business plan to add branches and outlets aims to provide a more expansive range of laboratory services. The Laboratory Diagnostic services include:

1.      Clinical Laboratory

Diagnosis serves a variety of examinations to support more effective treatment. From simple inspections to inspections using state-of-the-art technology, which include:

  • Hematology
  • Hematosis
  • Clinical chemistry
  • Urinalysis
  • Biomolecular
  • Immunology
  • Microbiology
  • Anatomical pathology

2.      Genomics Laboratory

Genomics Laboratory is a genetic testing service. The results of this examination help confirm certain genetic conditions and identify the possibility of inheriting or getting genetic disorders.

3.      Homecare Service

Homecare service is a health check service without coming to the laboratory. Patients only need to call the telephone number, and the Diagnostics analyst will come to the house. Homecare service includes a Covid-19 inspection package and other inspection panels.

Biotechnology Start-Up Potential in the Future

Start-ups have the opportunity to proliferate under good management and proper business plan design. Increased public awareness of the importance of health provides opportunities for start-ups in the health sector.

One of the potential health start-ups today is Nalagenetics PTE LTD, and this is a technology start-up that focuses on genetic testing. Seeing the future potential of biotechnology start-ups, DGNS invested US$500 thousand in Nalagenetics.

The investment worth Rp 7.5 billion is in the form of 184,046 shares of ownership. According to Fanfan, Nalagetics aims to provide better genetic examination services to needy individuals.

Laboratory Diagnostics targets the addition of branches and outlets in several cities. The business plan aims to provide more equitable healthcare services.

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