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Diagnos Laboratory Collaboration with Zyrex to Realize Healthcare Digitization

Diagnos Laboratory is one part of the Bundamedik Healthcare System (BMHS). A laboratory is a health service facility that supports medical examination procedures.

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In addition to the hospital, the lab is also an important facility. Because this is where various products and specimens are examined to get information regarding the medical condition of a person or patient. Thus, the results can be more detailed and effective for diagnosis to recovery.

Bundamedik Diagnos Laboratory provides a variety of patient-oriented services. Diagnos also cooperates with Zyrex to optimize quality to realize laboratory services and digitization services.

Benefits of Digitizing Health Services

Efforts to digitize Diagnos Laboratory are a form of digitalizing health services in general. As with technological developments, health services also need to consider digital aspects to achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency.

Bundamedik and Diagnos realize the importance of digitization for health facilities such as laboratories. Therefore, Diagnos cooperates with Zyrex technology to give the community the benefits and advantages of this digitalization more evenly.

Before discussing further the collaboration between Diagnos and Zyrex, we will explain the importance of digitizing healthcare services. In general, digitizing health services provides various advantages, including:

1. Make it easier for patients to access health services

The use of digital technology applied to health services makes it easier for patients to meet their medical needs. With the help of technology, access to professionals, medicines, to Laboratory Diagnostic services will become more practical.

2. Maintaining Patient Safety

The involvement of technology allows the establishment of an integrated health care system. The system can help manage waiting times and let patients get medical attention quickly, and these advances can improve patient safety rates.

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3. Easily Access Homecare Services

Homecare services such as those offered by Diagnos Laboratory allow patients to get health services without leaving home. During the pandemic, homecare services are certainly more in demand because they are safer and more practical.

4. Cost Efficiency

Technological innovation toward digital allows health facilities such as hospitals, clinics, and laboratories to save operational costs. A digital and integrated system will make operating costs more efficient with optimal service quality.

Laboratory Diagnostic Cooperation and Zyrex to Digitize Examination

One of Bundamedik's subsidiaries, PT Diagnos Laboratorium Utama Tbk (DGNS), collaborated with PT Zyrexindo Mandiri Buana Tbk (ZYRX). The cooperation agenda is to realize the digitization of laboratories as health facilities.

With the signing of the second MoU, ZYRX, an IT and Internet of Things (IoT) provider company, will support the implementation of digitization through technical support to optimize the efficiency and integration of DGNS laboratories.

To realize the digitization of Diagnos Laboratory, Zyrex provides several technology tools, including:

  • Computer
  • Servers
  • Kiosk system
  • Internet of Things (IoT) devices

Apart from technological tools, Zyrex also provides its integration with all pre-existing diagnostic systems. To maximize digitization, Zyrex will pre-deploy (installation based on Diagnos needs).

That way, each unit sold can be directly used in all Diagnos branches across various cities. In the end, this digital transformation is not only felt by Diagnos but also provides more benefits for Diagnos Laboratory partners and customers. The President Director of ZYRX, Timothy Siddik, hopes that Zyrex will become the leading provider of digitization in DGNS's laboratories throughout Indonesia.

On the other hand, Mesha Sini, President Director of DGNS, said that collaboration with Zyrex is expected to support the company's digital expansion and transformation plans. Currently, Diagnostics has dozens of branches and laboratory outlets throughout Indonesia.

The involvement of technology in the world of health can have a positive impact through digital transformation. By collaborating with Zyrex, Diagnos Laboratory is committed to improving service quality through this digital transformation.

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