Corporate 15 June 2022

RSIA Pusura Tegalsari Surabaya Transfer of Authorization to Morula IVF and BMHS

RSIA Pusura Tegalsari became one of the hospitals that were acquired by PT Bundamedik Tbk or Bundamedik Healthcare System (BMHS). In 2022, Bundamedik has carried out various quite intensive corporate actions.

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Building a new hospital expands the Bunda Hospital Group network and increases the company's share ownership. Starting the second quarter of 2022, the development of Bundamedik's shares is relatively aggressive.

This is demonstrated through several BMHS acquisitions of several companies in the healthcare sector. One of them is acquiring 100% shares of PT Medika Sejahtera Bersama, which manages Pusura Tegalsari Mother and Child Hospital.

BMHS Stock and Business Developments

The acquisition of RSIA Pusura Tegalsari Surabaya from PT Medika Sejahtera Bersama further confirms the significant development of BMHS's share ownership. Previously, Bundamedik also added assets through share purchase transactions.

Among them is the purchase of 40% of PT Prima Dental Medika's shares worth Rp 1.35 billion in March 2022, making BMHS the majority shareholder.

The company also took over 35% of PT Global Sekawan Kreasi's shares from PT Berely Indah Lestari on March 22, 2022. And on March 25, 2022, 98% of PT Jolin Sapta Medika's shares were successfully taken over by BMHS.

Throughout 2021, the company posted a net profit of IDR 215.30 billion with an operating profit of IDR 381.92 billion. Meanwhile, until December 31, 2021, the company's revenue reached Rp 1.71 trillion. The total assets of BMHS as of December 2021 are IDR 2.69 trillion, with details of equity worth IDR 1.56 trillion and liabilities of IDR 1 trillion.

Morula IVF Officially Takes Over RSIA Pusura Tegalsari Surabaya

PT Bundamedik Tbk, through its subsidiary, PT Morula Indonesia, sought funds worth Rp 39 billion to acquire Pusura Tegalsari Maternal and Child Hospital. This corporate action was carried out on April 7, 2022.

RSIA Pusura Tegalsari is a hospital that provides maternal and child health services in Surabaya. This agency is a hospital managed by PT Medika Sejahtera Bersama.

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The transfer of power of the hospital managed by PT Medika Bersama Sejahtera to Morula IVF has been official as of April 7, 2022, marked by the signing of the Sale and Purchase Deed (AJB) by the two companies.

Through this acquisition, BMHS not only emphasizes the existence of PT Morula Indonesia as a well-known IVF clinic service. However, it also underlines that Morula IVF provides IVF facilities with the broadest network in Indonesia, especially with the addition of 126 Indonesian Fertility Clinics network as an extension of Morula IVF.

To date, Morula IVF is one of the most extensive services in the field of reproduction. The transfer of power to RSIA Pusura is a form of effort to build better health services, especially in vitro fertilization (IVF).

This is due to the high interest in IVF facilities, especially in the general Surabaya and East Java areas. From a business perspective, acquiring RSIA also expands BMHS's market reach.

In addition, the transfer of power of RSIA will strengthen the company's health service ecosystem to become more comprehensive. This acquisition is expected to positively impact the performance, finances, and business continuity of the company and its subsidiaries.

Getting to Know Morula IVF Services

Morula IVF is part of the BMHS, which focuses on fertility clinic services and IVF. RSIA Pusura Tegalsari Surabaya, which Morula IVF has taken over, will also provide complete IVF facilities for residents of East Java.

Fertility clinics help patients to have children through IVF programs. Armed with experience since 1997 and the support of today's advanced technology, Morula IVF answers the needs of fertility patients, whose number has increased by an average of up to 30% per year.

Bundamedik is committed to improving the quality of health services through an increasingly expansive company ecosystem. One of them is by transferring the power of RSIA Pusura Tegalsari Surabaya to Morula IVF for better fertility health services.

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