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Bundamedik Healthcare System is Now Available in Bekasi

PT Bundamedik Tbk, or Bundamedik Healthcare System (BMHS), is a health service company founded in 1973. Starting from a maternity clinic, BMHS now has a network of hospitals and other health facilities that are the mainstay of Indonesian families.

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Bundamedik's business units include a network of hospitals, IVF clinics, laboratories, dental clinics, Emergency Response, IMTB, Smart Clinic Networks, Indonesian Fertility Clinics, to the distribution of Bunda Global Pharma's pharmacy. From year to year, Bundamedik improves the health service ecosystem under its auspices.

Not only in the capital, Bundamedik also provides adequate health facilities and services for people in other cities, one of which is Bekasi. After serving the people of Bekasi through BIC Vida, BMHS now presents RSU Bunda Bekasi.

Bundamedik Presents RSU Bunda Vida Bekasi

Bundamedik Healthcare System has expanded its hospital network by building RSU Bunda Vida Bekasi. The construction of this public hospital is to realize the commitment to provide the best health services that are more evenly distributed in various regions in Indonesia.

Such rapid development certainly needs to be accompanied by adequate health services. So, BMHS built this public hospital on an area of ​​4,146 square meters with a building area of ​​7,985 square meters.

According to the plan, the hospital consists of 5 floors. Nurhadi Yudiyantho, the Managing Director of Bundamedik, stated that the construction of the Bunda Vida Bekasi Hospital is projected to be completed within 15 months.

Bundamedik Healthcare System Improves Health Services in Bekasi

The plan is that Bunda Vida Hospital Bekasi will provide 100 beds to accommodate patients who need comprehensive medical care with high-quality standards like other BMHS hospital units. Thus, RSU Bunda Vida Bekasi offers maternal and child health services and other complete specialist services to strengthen the existing Bundamedik ecosystem.

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President Commissioner of Bundamedik, Dr. dr. Ivan Rizal Sini, stated that RSU Bunda comes with a complete hospital ecosystem. Starting from medical technology, IVF program, to minimally invasive surgery technology.

Through expanding the hospital network, Bundamedik Healthcare System seeks to improve health services according to the lifestyle needs of the Bekasi people.

The presence of Bunda Vida Hospital Bekasi was also warmly welcomed by the Head of the Bekasi City Health Office, Tanti Rohilawati. Tanti expressed her appreciation for the presence of this public hospital because it is in accordance with the health service needs of local residents.

BMHS Corporate Action in 2022

In addition to building a new hospital, RSU Bunda Vida Bekasi, in 2022, Bundamedik will also carry out other corporate actions, including acquisitions and asset purchases.

1. Acquisition of PT Medika Sejahtera Bersama

Bundamedik Healthcare System recently acquired the manager of RSIA Pusura Tegalsari, Surabaya, namely PT Medika Sejahtera Bersama, with a fund of IDR 39 billion.

The purchase of 100% of PT Medika Sejahtera's shares was carried out through BMHS subsidiaries, namely PT Bunda Investama Indonesia and PT Morula Indonesia. This action is carried out to strengthen the ecosystem and positively impact business continuity.

This acquisition was also carried out to realize the IVF clinic development agenda, which Morula IVF previously owned. This development is the answer to increasing the interest of the people of East Java in the IVF program.

2. The acquisition of PT Jolin Sapta Medika

BMHS acquired the Citra Harapan public hospital in Bekasi, managed by PT Jolin Sapta Medika (JSM), with a 98% stake worth Rp 43.9 billion. BMHS is also seeking funds of Rp 123.4 billion to purchase land and building assets belonging to JSM.

3. Additional Shares

Bundamedik Healthcare System took over 35% of PT Global Sekawan's shares as the manager of the Paramarta Heart and Blood Vessel Hospital (RSJP) Bandung from PT Berely Indah Lestari.

In addition, the addition of shares was also carried out by acquiring 40% of PT Prima Dental Medika for Rp1.35 billion. This acquisition makes BMHS the majority shareholder of the dental and oral health service.

Various corporate actions were taken to improve overall health services. That way, the public can get top-quality health services from the Bundamedik Healthcare System.

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