08 June 2022

The Importance of Having Health Insurance (BPJS)

Health Insurance is one of the Health Insurance programs that has a legal entity because it is regulated in the Act. As regulated in Law no. 24 of 2011 concerning the Social Security Administering Body (BPJS Kesehatan or Health Insurance).

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The National Social Security System has been regulated in Law no. 40 of 2004. This system is operated based on insurance and equity principles. The goal is to ensure that the community benefits from health care and protection.

Currently, Health Insurance is used as a requirement in managing various important documents. For example, to make a SIM, STNK, SKCK, hajj registration, KUR loan application, and more.

In addition to being related to documents, this participation is important because it is a guarantee of health services. You can easily manage finances if you have insurance or national guarantees such as Health Insurance, and you can also support welfare more easily in the future.

The Importance of Having Health Insurance for Financial Planning

Having insurance of any kind is helpful, just in case. They are used only when a risk requires medical action in a hospital and costs money. So you no longer have to pay when taking a service.

Health Insurance is important because you have made a plan long before a sudden risk occurs. When undergoing various healing support, there is no need to spend much money again. Other significant benefits are as follows.

1. Validity for Life

This lifetime validity period is an advantage over private insurance because you can use it anytime in contrast to private insurance, which only covers a specific age limit.

While the age range of experiencing health problems is precisely when they are old, while preparing for this period, you have been helped by the habit of managing finances carefully.

2. Affordable Services

This affordable monthly payment helps your financial management. You can set aside a small part of your salary or income to pay for it.

For class III services, a premium of IDR 35,000 is only charged. Class II IDR 100,000, and type I IDR 150,000 for each participant.

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3. Flexible Payments

Payments can be made anywhere, and easier access can be through digital wallet platforms, minimarkets, post offices, bank transfers, ATMs, etc. That way, you don't even have to leave the house, and payments can still be made.

This payment can also be more efficient using the auto-debit facility, so there is no risk of payment arrears. With this facility, you can also manage your financial allocation better.

BPJS as Health Insurance

In addition to helping financial management for the future, Health Insurance is essential for guaranteeing a better life. Being in good physical condition will be expensive when you feel sick due to illness, accident, or other problems, and this is why it is important to have this guarantee.

1. Covering Many Diseases

In contrast to insurance in general, this national insurance covers many types of diseases without exception. You can even use it for special treatments such as heart and stroke treatment.

Several hospitals, including the Bundamedik Healthcare System business line, accept Health Insurance payment forms for childbirth and general medical treatment.

2. Bearing Doctor and Hospital Fees

This national guarantee helps you pay for hospital and doctor services., and both have a high percentage of the overall costs required in treatment.

With Health Insurance, this is no longer a problem because your financing is already covered. You can undergo treatment or treatment calmly and comfortably. Health Insurance is beneficial to supporting the acceleration of healing and the success of the national health program.

3. No need for medical history

The payment process with Health Insurance does not require a history of previous health conditions. You will not be asked to do a medical check-up in contrast to private insurance claims requiring various requirements to be covered.

The process is faster and immediately treated by medical personnel. Health Insurance is ideally used as a guide when you want to carry out a series of treatments to the fullest.

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