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Morula IVF and National Hospital to Help Infertile Couples in East Java

National Hospital is a large hospital in East Java, one of which focuses on fertility issues. His track record in providing fertilization health services to couples without children has been trusted for many years.

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This hospital service is not just a business to pursue financial gain but also to provide medical assistance to patients who have difficulty conceiving offspring.

The National Hospital provides a dedicated medical team for patients with various fertility-related complaints. This treatment is also supported by the application of integrated technology so that the patient undergoing IVF can succeed.

With a success rate of 72%, this hospital believes it can help more Indonesians, especially in East Java, in the future. Thus, many Indonesian couples can have children without going far for medical tourism abroad.

Morula IVF Service Business Commitment

National Hospital cooperates with PT Morula Indonesia as a form of its commitment to in-vitro fertilization or IVF services in Indonesia. This collaboration has been agreed upon since April 2022 for 3 years.

Previously, the two had also worked in the same field for 5 years. During this period, both parties significantly resulted in the development and growth of integrated IVF services.

Both currently focus on developing complete IVF services, especially for eastern Indonesia. East Java is an area that is being worked on for this business purpose.

The President Director of PT represented the signing of the cooperation. Morula IVF Surabaya, Rinaldi Buchari, and CEO of National Hospital, Ang Hoey Tiong. This signature is proof of the agreement between the two parties to strengthen strategic collaboration in developing IVF services in Indonesia.

From this collaboration, it is hoped that there will be a relationship with the Indonesian Fertility Clinic (KFI) which can support the commitment to improve services to the Indonesian people. It also aims to support the medical tourism activity program in Indonesia.

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According to the CEO of Morula Indonesia, Ivan Rizal Sini, the collaboration with National Hospital is a form of optimism toward business development and even more significant growth in 2022.

The signing also gives a signal of confidence to continue to grow 25% per year and strengthen the internal core business, clinic expansion, and provide the best service to patients.

Fertility clinics cannot stand alone in running their business. So it needs to be supported by large hospitals with experience in this field by exchanging information and technology.

Increased Need for IVF Services in East Java

National Hospital focuses on providing services in the eastern part of Indonesia, not without reason. Especially in Surabaya, East Java, at least 185,000 married couples experience fertility problems, and as a result, they have not had the opportunity to have children.

Of these cases, 20% are market premium, namely couples who are economically capable of carrying out IVF procedures. This is related to health conditions as well as the cost factor needed to be able to carry out the IVF program.

Surabaya has the highest data in Indonesia regarding the need for fertilization services. The market share in Surabaya and East Java is 41.4%. Every year 3,000 Surabaya couples conduct consultations related to fertility health.

This data has been converted to produce 750 cycles of the IVF program in 2021. The future projection target is to serve up to 15,000 couples per year with a calculation of up to the next 5 years.

From the conversion of 15,000 pairs, 3,000 cycles will be generated per year. This is supported by qualified doctors, nurses, and embryologists and has the potential to provide the best IVF services for the people of East Java.

Application of the latest advanced methods for IVF and Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) program services. The average success rate of 55-60% increases public trust in this program.

Cooperation as a Form of Business Expansion

The collaboration between Morula IVF and the National Hospital further emphasizes that this program has a clear vision and mission. In the future, it is hoped that this IVF service can be enjoyed by all economic circles and not only couples with established financial conditions which can get solutions to infertility problems.

The increasing trust from the people of East Java as the largest market is a motivation to expand and widen the reach so that it is easily accessible for prospective IVF patients.

Morula IVF and National Hospital also improve services and apply the latest technology to support treatment. These include Pre-implantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy (PGT-A), Laser Assisted Hatching, ICSI, IMSI, Time Lapse Incubator, Embryo Freezing, Egg Freezing to Endometrial Receptivity Analysis (ERA).

Massive public awareness of reproductive organ health will encourage the growth of health sciences in Indonesia. Morula IVF is the patient's primary referral for consultation, followed by an integrated IVF procedure.

In the future, this program can attract foreign people to carry out similar procedures, as mentioned by Ang Hoey Tiong as CEO of the National Hospital.

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