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Morula IVF Ready to Help More Indonesian Couples

Morula IVF Indonesia, established in 1997, now has 10 branches in Indonesia, ready to serve your family's needs. Four of them are located in the Greater Jakarta area, while the other 6 can be found in Bandung, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Makassar, Pontianak, and Padang. This distribution ensures that fertility health services are evenly distributed throughout Indonesia, and this is reinforced by the presence of 126 Indonesian Fertility Clinics as an extension of Morula IVF services.

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The Bundamedik Healthcare System business line continues growing and developing as an integrated fertility service provider. Not only at the clinic for IVF program but also at the excellent service and the latest technology in providing fertility health services to patients.

From year to year, there is an increase in IVF program participants, evident from the recorded data and strengthened by the considerable development of the IVF program (In Vitro Fertilization/IVF).

PERFITRI data (Indonesian In Vitro Fertilization Association) noted that the total IVF program cycle in Indonesia in 2021 is estimated to have 10,000 more IVF cycles (programs) in Indonesia. Morula IVF, the leading market, managed to serve almost half of this total cycle.

Development of IVF Program in Indonesia

Its development in Indonesia is relatively rapid, namely by 30% per year. That percentage is evidence that the community increasingly trusts the IVF program as a safe solution for having children. The following factors support this development.

1. Medical Team Collaboration Morula IVF

The growth in the number of consumers by more than 40% results from the team's hard work. All departments, including the medical team, namely doctors, nurses, and embryologists, are qualified to provide services related to fertilization.

2. Have a clear market

For example, in Surabaya, as many as 185,000 couples have problems having children, while 20% of them are in the market premium category, namely couples who can carry out the program at Morula IVF.

3. The Level of Public Trust

Apart from needs, the level of public trust refers to the various awards that have been achieved, such as 1st IVF Chain in Indonesia, Ernst & Young Entrepreneurship Award, RTAC Certificate in 2015, Best Practices Award from Frost & Sullivan, and many more.

4. Product Innovation

Fertility services are susceptible to information and prices. With this consideration, Morula IVF continues to innovate to produce products and businesses that support the primary benefits, namely IVF, market outreach, and product portfolio are helping factors. Various innovations, such as Morula Wellness and Morula Food, are complete and comprehensive business solutions and service improvements to support the success of the IVF program.

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5. Support For Patients

Morula IVF service products are also supported patients through food and wellness products that support the couple's fertility. In this case, there is a cooperative relationship with the pharmacy in the distribution of fertility drugs and products.

Collaboration with National Hospital

Seeing the increasing demand for fertility services in Indonesia, Morula IVF extended its collaboration with the National Hospital. The signing of the extension of the cooperation was carried out in April 2022.

This is based on the increasing number of patients undergoing IVF programs. In Surabaya alone, as many as 3,000 couples have consulted at the clinic annually, and 750 of them were converted to IVF or IVF program cycles through Morula IVF in 2021.

National Hospital itself has experience in handling 836 IVF cycles in 2021. The previous collaboration with Morula IVF has been running for 5 years and has proven effective in developing excellent patient service.

This year, the collaboration was extended again to strengthen service collaboration with the National Hospital and demonstrate a commitment to innovate in developing IVF services in Indonesia constantly.

The development of this service is carried out considering that there are still many patients who require treatment and care related to fertility or fertility to succeed in having children, attracting interest and awareness to consult regarding fertility problems that hinder pregnancy.

Various Testimonials of the Success of Couples Undergoing IVF

Celebrity couple Zaskia Sungkar and Irwansyah are one of many couples who have successfully undergone an IVF procedure with Morula IVF. After a long wait of approximately 10 years, the couple finally had a baby.

Both underwent a tube sharing program at Morula IVF Indonesia because they believed in the success rate, which reached the highest number of up to 72%. In addition to this couple, VJ Rianti Caratwright also carried out a similar program to have children.

VJ Rianti, who was expecting a baby, started the IVF program in 2019 and was successful. According to him, there is no need to go abroad to have children. Morula IVF facilities and technology in Indonesia alone can provide the best results without booking a trip abroad.

The key to its success is not only the patient's commitment to living a healthy life but also the help of experts and technological factors that Morula IVF has successfully developed to date.

In short, Morula IVF is the largest network of clinics providing tube services in Indonesia. Its service focuses on helping couples with fertilization problems to have children immediately.

The service product in question is a fertility program that is tailored to the most appropriate indication. Morula IVF services follow strict international standards and are monitored and supported by doctors and embryologists who are competent in their fields.

For those who have problems obtaining offspring, Morula IVF is ready to serve consultations and IVF programs for families.

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