25 May 2022

BMHS's Efforts to Answer to Indonesian's Health Sector Challenges

In a big city, the health sector does not appear to have any particular challenges. There are many challenges that health service providers in the country have yet to overcome.

It is not only old challenges that have not been successfully resolved, but the development of technology requires that they be able to adapt actively and progressively in terms of health.

An old obstacle that is very visible that has not been able to be overcome is the unequal distribution of health services in remote areas of the country. If you look at big cities, there are lots of facilities, so there doesn't seem to be any problem.

Challenges of the Health Sector in Indonesia

Indonesia has many obstacles to overcome, one of which is health. The main problem is the uneven distribution of hospital facilities, especially in remote areas.

The Minister of Health, Budi Gunadi Sadikin, has also revealed this in his remarks at the PT Bundamedik Tbk (BMHS) Anniversary event on March 27, 2022. The Minister of Health said there are health problems that still cannot be handled because many regions in Indonesia still do not have health facilities.

The unequal distribution of health services makes it difficult for many people to get treatment and healing. At the same time, every Indonesian citizen should have easy access to health facilities and treatments.

There is also the challenge of the uneven distribution of medical personnel in the country. Most health workers work in cities and rarely serve remote rural communities.

Challenges like this are the government's responsibility and all components of the nation, for example, the private sector to international partnerships.

Apart from the unequal distribution of facilities, the services offered still require quality improvement. This increase is not carried out once but must be continuously pursued to provide higher comfort to the patient.

Regarding the distribution of health workers, it is also necessary to ensure that health workers spread to all corners of Indonesia, including in 3T areas (remote, disadvantaged, and deepest).

The service can also be in the form of efficient delivery of pharmaceutical equipment so that it does not delay medical action. Then, the challenge in the health sector caused by technological developments is in terms of payments.

Before the digital era, all payments were carried out conventionally using cash. Now, payments with this method are starting to be abandoned because there is a way of financing that is much more practical.

The financing applies a digital method so that it is not required to provide cash when leaving the house. This is also a challenge for service providers to adapt to digital technology.

BMHS Efforts for Challenge Solutions

There are several challenges in the health sector in the country, but PT Bundamedik Tbk does not ignore these. Bundamedik Healthcare System continues to strive to overcome various existing problems.

The first relates to the case of the uneven development of health facilities. BMHS answered this problem by actively expanding its business, even to areas outside Java.

New business units that have been successfully established are located in Bali and Bekasi. In the Bekasi area, BMHS offers General Hospitals, namely. Mother Vida General Hospital.

BMHS strives to provide standardized, integrated, and quality services. Do not forget to place professional medical personnel so they can adequately treat patients.

Do not stop at the activity of building a new hospital or clinic. Bundamedik Healthcare System is also committed to continuously improving the quality of its business units.

This can be seen in the provision of services based on Customer-Centric Service. This concept places the needs and comfort of the patient as a top priority, and modern technology owned by BMHS supports this.

Various quality improvements in the health sector carried out by BMHS also include human resources, business processes, and administration. So almost everything related to services in that sector.

The commitment of BMHS will improve the quality of service for the community. It is even able to maintain public health and prevent disease susceptibility.

There are many challenges in terms of health in the country. However, BMHS seeks to implement various strategies to address multiple problems in the health sector in an integrated manner.

There are many more BMHS efforts to address the challenges of the Indonesian health sector which you can learn about here, and BMHS CSR activities here. Also learn about BMHS assets here.


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