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BMHS Hospital and Clinic Service Expansion

One of the Bundamedik Healthcare System (BMHS) business lines, Bunda Hospital Group, is a hospital network that focuses on various health problems. BMHS continues to develop health services through Bunda Hospital Group from year to year to be able to present multiple advanced innovations for Indonesian health.

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This is also accompanied by various acquisitions by BMHS to help equalize health facilities throughout Indonesia so that all patients have the opportunity to get high intensive care.

BMHS Medical Network

In 2022, BMHS aims to expand aggressively. One of them is the acquisition of RS Citra Harapan Bekasi and investment in Paramarta Hospital in Surabaya.

For now, here are several BMHS medical networks that have had an adequate track record to date.

1. BIC Clinic

Bunda Hospital Group also has Jakarta, Bekasi, and Bali clinical facilities. BIC Bali, BIC Executive RSIA Bunda Jakarta, BIC Pacific Place, and BIC Vida Bekasi. Each branch of BIC provides various treatments and consultations in almost all health fields. In the future, BIC Bali will expand its service coverage by changing to RSIA Bunda Denpasar.

2. RSIA Bunda Ciputat

RSIA Bunda Ciputat was also known as RSIA Citra Ananda before the name change. One of the services that distinguish RSIA Bunda Ciputat from other BMHS medical units is the presence of the Bunda Aesthetic Center, which serves your care and beauty needs. RSIA Bunda Ciputat also has an emergency room and 24-hour delivery, so residents of South Tangerang can file their health complaints whenever they need it.

3. RSU Bunda Margonda

RSU Bunda Margonda is one of the BMHS units equipped with a fertility clinic, Morula IVF Margonda. The Bunda Pain Clinic health service also provides integrated services to overcome pain problems, especially persistent chronic pain and pain that is difficult to overcome.

Bunda Pain Clinic carries modern medical techniques that are safe and effective, without surgery (surgery), called Interventional Pain Management (IPM), and treat pain according to the level of pain suffered by the people of Depok and its surroundings.

Now RSU Bunda Margonda has an Executive Clinic using digital technology and very modern and comfortable supporting facilities to ensure the quality of the patient journey and complete service excellence.

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4. RSU Bunda Jakarta

The Indonesian Minister of Health inaugurated RSU Bunda Jakarta on September 12, 2012. As a unit of Bunda Hospital Group, RSU Bunda Jakarta has innovative health facilities such as Robotic Surgery, GynROSE Clinic, Bunda Heart Center, Bunda Neuro Center, Urology Center, Endocrine Center, and RSM Oncology as their superior services.

GynROSE Clinic is a clinic that focuses on women's issues, and Bunda Neuro Center provides medical services for patients with neurological or neurological disorders. Bunda Heart Center is a unit that specializes in treating heart problems and catheterization, and RSM Oncology was founded with the belief that cancer patients and their families should benefit from treatment with new clinically relevant technologies. Whatmore, RSM Oncology was a special dedication and dedication to dr. Rizal Sini, SpOG as the founder of BMHS.

5. RSIA Bunda Jakarta

RSIA Bunda Jakarta is one of the first medical units of BMHS, established on March 27, 1973. Apart from specializing in pregnancy and childbirth, RSIA Bunda Jakarta also provides Laparoscopic Surgery, Bunda Endoscopy Center, Bunda Women's Care, 3D/4D USG, Colposcopy, and Mammary ultrasound.

Laparoscopy is a minimal surgical procedure that reduces the risks associated with major surgery, whereas colposcopy is a follow-up to abnormal cervical cancer screening tests after the initial examination.

The 3/4 Dimensional Ultrasound facility helps the examination process be more detailed and improves the quality of the diagnosis performed. Mammary ultrasound or breast ultrasound is a type of ultrasound that examines the condition of the breast and detects disorders and various forms of abnormalities in the breast, such as cysts and tumors.

6. RSU Bunda Padang

RSU Bunda Padang is a health service provided by BMHS for the people of Padang and its surroundings. This hospital offers general health facilities with additional One Day Care, Morula IVF Padang, and Physiotherapy services.

One Day Care is a medical facility that monitors patients' health conditions after the procedure for 24 hours by nurses and daily doctor visits to treat babies. Morula IVF Padang provides assisted reproduction for IVF programs. Physiotherapy at RSU Bunda Padang helps heal post-surgical or surgical conditions, growth and development disorders in children, muscle and joint pain, etc.

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