Corporate 25 April 2022

BMHS Eyes Technology Development for 2022

Technological developments in the healthcare world are constantly evolving to meet all demands and save more lives through accurate examinations and proper treatment. For the healing of various diseases to be adequately resolved, this condition supports improving services carried out by the Bundamedik Healthcare System (BHMS).

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One of them is utilizing Robotic Surgery technology in surgical services at several BMHS hospitals. With robotic technology that can produce more precise and stable incisions, also under the supervision of professional doctors as robot hand controllers, this technological development is expected to develop into medical technology to save more patients in front it.

Getting to Know the Development of Robotic Surgery Technology

Since its inception at Bunda Hospital Jakarta, robotic surgery technology has resulted in many successful operations with minimal surgical wounds. This minimal surgical wound also requires little recovery time, so the patient does not take long to return to previous activities,

Some of the other advantages of robotic surgery are that it can suppress the patient to not lose much blood thanks to the incision results being relatively small with precise and balanced results. Not too big or small, so the doctor can still work properly, and the surgical wound can also heal quickly.

In addition, technological developments in the health sector are relatively faster in terms of the healing process. Moreover, patients are prohibited from making movements after routine surgery, especially in the future. The wider it is, the healing process also takes time; this is why robotics in health is essential.

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The final advantage is that the success rate of the operation is very high. Each operation is undoubtedly required to provide the best results. However, the human hand can still make technical errors, such as an incision too wide or an erratic movement, so the best results from conventional surgery can still provide wounds or a long recovery time.

In contrast to the development of robotic technology, where the average success rate is almost 90%. This has also been proven from several operations at the Bunda Hospital Group and several overseas hospitals that have used this technology.

Easier Operation Innovation Succeeded

The development of robotic surgery technology in Indonesia began at the Bunda Hospital in Jakarta in 2012, and now, there are already 16 certified robotic surgery specialists. RSU Bunda Jakarta has also developed various specializations that can accept robotic surgery methods, with nearly 600 various cases that have been handled, ranging from gynecological cases to urology.

Robotic surgery technology is one of the focuses of BMHS development because the resulting surgical method requires a shorter time than conventional surgical methods.

In the robotic surgery method, the doctor moves the mechanical hands. Thus, doctors act as decision-making parties, and robotic hands are more stable than human hands carrying out doctor's orders.

President Joko Widodo himself had mentioned how important it was to adopt the development of robotic surgery technology to keep pace with advances in medicine abroad. This is also important considering the high number of Indonesian people who seek treatment abroad.

This medical trip abroad is also called medical tourism, where Indonesian citizens who visit other countries for treatment also tend to do tourism. Medical tourism is driven by the assumption that Indonesian medicine is inferior to foreign therapy. This is very detrimental to the country's foreign exchange because it is important to continue to develop the availability of adequate technology and experts.

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