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Construction of RSU Bunda Vida and Acquisition of RS Citra Harapan for Bekasi Medical Services

The Bunda RSU unit is the medical part of the BMHS or Bundamedik Healthcare System. Some of these units are also the healthcare units that have achieved many achievements, such as RSU Bunda Jakarta, the pioneer of Robotic Surgery in Indonesia. In celebration of its 49th anniversary in March 2022, BMHS has marked various successes and growth in its business.

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After making a business investment with the Smart Clinic network, BMHS is currently building the Bunda Vida Hospital and acquiring the RS Citra Harapan to meet standardized medical needs for Bekasi residents. The construction of Bunda Vida General Hospital is planned to begin construction in April 2022 and will take 15 months.

The presence of RSU Bunda Vida aims to aggressively expand the company's ecosystem, where plans for the construction of this building have been planned, even the BMHS has prepared a budget of around 100 billion to 150 billion,

BMHS Develops Bekasi Health with the Construction of RSU Bunda Vida General 

The provision of complete and modern health facilities for the people of Bekasi and its surroundings is one of the goals of the Bunda Vida General Hospital. With the construction of the Bunda Vida General Hospital, BMHS plans to assist the distribution program for health facilities in Bekasi.

Currently, RSU Bunda Vida Bekasi is targeted to serve up to 3 million people in Bekasi. The hospital will be built on 4,146 m2 consisting of 5 floors with a capacity of 100 rooms to be able to have adequate accommodation and facilities.

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Bekasi is part of the Greater Jakarta area, which requires complete and standardized health services. As a general hospital, RSU Bunda Vida provides maternal and child services and health services with complete medical specialists and technology.

RSU Bunda Vida also provides professional health workers and a modern and integrated health system for comprehensive health services. Thus, Bekasi residents can receive proper treatment in the same place.

BMHS Investment in RS Citra Harapan

In its mission to equalize health facilities in Indonesia, BMHS continues to expand aggressively. Currently, BMHS is continuing its expansion in developing a national hospital network. One of the collaborating parties in the BMHS expansion process is PT Jolin Sapta Medika.

PT Jolin Sapta Medika managed the RS Citra Harapan in Bekasi until the BMHS acquisition process in March 2022. RS Citra Harapan was established on July 24, 2009, and serves internal medicine health services, medical rehabilitation, eyes, nerves, anesthesia, psychiatry, etc.

BMHS also plans to make strategic investments in the Heart and Blood Vessel Hospital as a specialist hospital unit to complement the existing health ecosystem. Investments were made at the RSJP Paramarta Bandung because health problems in the heart organ are pretty common in Indonesia. The Managing Director of Bundamedik stated that the investment in Paramarta Heart and Blood Vessel Hospital could complement the health ecosystem so that more people with similar health cases could get adequate health services with BMHS.

Currently, BMHS realizes four main strategies for expanding the health ecosystem and starting from aggressively expanding the company with various acquisitions or additional types of services, collaborating with strategic partners, strengthening main business lines by improving the quality of human resources, and sustainable revenue growth. The development of BMHS is indeed relatively rapid; from year to year, we can see that this company is progressing and developing in the health sector.

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