Corporate 20 April 2022

BMHS Non-Covid Units' Growth and Development

Bundamedik Healthcare System (BMHS) managed to record non-COVID business growth of up to 26% in 2021 and an increase in beds by 40%. The President Commissioner of BMHS, Ivan Sini, explained that in 2021, the company would continue to adapt and improve the performance of the service ecosystem by focusing on four main strategies.

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The four strategies consist of aggressively expanding the company's ecosystem, expanding cooperation with strategic partners, improving the quality of key business lines, and pursuing resilient business growth to maximize the industry's potential, which is predicted to continue to grow significantly. These efforts include continuing expansion both organically and through acquisitions and deepening cooperation with existing strategic partners.

All of these efforts are intended so that patients can enjoy more straightforward and more comfortable facilities and treatment. The desire to grow the number back is wide open in the same spirit.

Growth and Development Based on 4 Main Focuses

The focus consists on expanding the enterprise ecosystem. This means that it is not only in one area but is comprehensive so that all patient needs can be met. Other focuses include:

1. Frequently Adding Partner Cooperation

The main point and why this growth and development continues to be seen is the collaboration with various partners. Examples include BMHS collaboration with UNAIR, Smart Clinic, to the acquisition of RSJP Paramarta Bandung.

With various partners with various specializations, patients have many options to enjoy each BMHS service. These collaborations are expected to help BMHS spread health facilities throughout Indonesia evenly.

2. Service Strengthening

Another focus that is why BMHS's growth and development show positive results is strengthening services, especially in terms of customer service, which is at the forefront of dealing with patient problems.

In addition, the management of the disease has progressed with the presence of advanced laboratories such as Laboratory Diagnostics. This situation increases the accuracy level and is expected to reach 100% in one test.

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3. Resilient Unit Growth

The latest growth and development of BHMS is the growth of resilient units. That is, they are always able to adapt to anything.

Good adaptability will make the growth of various units higher. If one BMHS medical unit can treat many diseases, of course this means.

4. Acquisition As Next Step

To increase growth and development targets and carry out the current focus, BMHS often acquires hospitals and other medical units.

One of the acquisitions was also made for Morula IVF Surabaya and RSIA Pusura Tegalsari Surabaya. This acquisition also strengthens Morula IVF Indonesia's position as one of BMHS' leading businesses. Currently, Morula IVF has processed 5,855 cycles.

In addition to the acquisition, BMHS is also expanding its reach by opening clinics and hospitals in other cities such as Palembang and Denpasar. Overall, the number of clinics in the BMHS ecosystem has doubled compared to 2020. BMHS also expands the ecosystem through strategic partnerships with 150 Smart Clinics and 102 Indonesian Fertility Clinics (KFI).

The opening of this KFI will make a significant contribution in helping to expand the reach of BMHS to provinces in Indonesia. Strengthening the business core through the development of digitizing services such as robotic surgery at Bunda Hospital is also still the company's focus to support the company's competitiveness in the 5.0 community and the high digital adoption of today's society.

Investment in the digital ecosystem will continue to be increased and become one of the company's strategic initiatives in driving growth. Thus, BMHS can continue to provide leading-edge health services for all of Indonesia.

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