18 April 2022

Get to know Laboratory Diagnostics, BMHS Trusted Lab

Diagnos Laboratory is part of the BMHS (Bundamedik Healthcare System) which provides high quality, reliable, and consistent laboratory services for all Diagnos partners and customers.

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Thorough and high-quality laboratories are needed for adequate examination results, especially in this pandemic era. Therefore, Lab Diagnos is here to provide reliable health services for you.

Products and Services from Diagnos Laboratory

This laboratory has a complete range of products and services for patients. You can perform blood and urine tests, see how your immune system is, to the latest genomic examination.

One of the newest flagship services from Diagnos is the Homecare facility. Homecare Diagnos Laboratory is a homecare service where you can get a health check without coming to the lab. You simply need to contact by phone or the contact available on the Diagnos website, and the analyst will come to your house.

With Homecare services, Diagnos will facilitate all their needs at home. Medical officers will visit directly according to the agreement at the beginning. The visit time itself is flexible according to the time you have, either in the afternoon or in the morning.

Examination at the Diagnos Laboratory is not only for internal disease but for SARS CoV 2, genetic examination, NIPT screening, PGTA, and PGTM can also be done. This is a positive step in tackling the transmission from an early age, especially when self-isolation is the first recommendation from the government for Covid-19 sufferers at the beginning of infection.

SARS-CoV-2 Disease Examination in Diagnos Laboratory

Lab Examination Diagnosis of the virus is carried out thoroughly and accurately. Thus, this process does not only determine whether it is positive or negative but also evaluates how the variants and immune responses are.

This test can determine the amount of virus that has entered the body. This condition is part of the treatment so that the patient himself can recover quickly. The officer will take a sample of 3 ML of blood from a vein to complete the examination. Diagnos takes about 4 hours, and this fast process makes the overall report acceptable to patients more quickly.

At least in the next 24 hours, the results can be notified. The examination process is referred to as quantitative as opposed to qualitative and is an advanced process in which they will detect the presence of the body's immune system.

Diagnos also provides consultation for post-infection patients and people who have been infected to carry out this examination. This consultation is also given to convalescent plasma donors; recovery can reach 100%.

Until now, Diagnos Laboratory has issued several health care products such as Oncogenomics, Microorganism Culture, Nutrigenomics, and Pharmacogenomics. Another present was Anti-SARS CoV-2 Quantitative which was already present in several hospitals.

Diagnos Laboratory has also launched Circle DNA by Diagnos Laboratory Genomics. This product uses technology to read more than 500 genetic data with a very comprehensive examination.

Circle DNA uses genetic technology to read the nutritional needs and talents of patients who perform the Circle DNA Test to map each patient's genomic passport. This genomic passport shows a person's genetic profile, conditions, and when and how to fulfill those needs optimally.

With Diagnos laboratories in various cities, especially Bali, the potential for Indonesia's economic growth is also higher, especially in the health and tourism sectors. Coupled with other BMHS (Bundamedik Healthcare System) medical lines, Diagnos can comprehensively advance and improve medicine.

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Diagnos is just one of BMHS' many advanced medical units. Read hereto find out more, herefor CSR activities, dan this pagefor BMHS' other assets.


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