11 April 2022

IMTB : International-Standard Health Agency in Indonesia

IMTB (Indonesian Medical Tourism Board) is a health facility ready to provide an exciting experience for you in conducting medical tourism. Its formation was inspired by the many Indonesians who often go abroad for treatment.

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Although not true, the stigma that Indonesian medicine is far inferior is something that Indonesians themselves still believe. Because of this stigma, they often go to Singapore, Malaysia, and Europe for treatment and tourism. If continued, this will substantially adversely impact the country's foreign exchange.

The COVID-19 pandemic is an opportunity to reverse the situation against this stigma. Because people can now not travel abroad for treatment freely, IMTB can provide Indonesian people with international standard health services. In Indonesia, there are already many international health facilities.

Now, almost all hospitals in Indonesia can handle some serious medical problems. The Indonesian Medical Tourism Board (IMTB) stated that several clinics and hospitals are ready to provide world-class services to the Indonesian and international community.

They are Morula IVF, Bunda Group Hospital, Diagnos, and many others. A number of these hospitals can even compete with hospitals in Malaysia and Singapore which have been the reference for the Indonesian people.

Not only healing through medicine but the healing process enjoying all tourist destinations. Hence, IMTB was established to help meet the demands of today's patients.

IMTB as an Effort to Grow the Economy

In 2019, there were 900,000 Indonesians undergoing treatment abroad. If these conditions can be overcome and the Indonesian people choose to undergo Medical Tourism in Indonesia, then Indonesia's economic potential through Medical Tourism can reach IDR 20.7 trillion per year.

Apart from the stigma of the quality of foreign medicine, patients who do not choose to heal themselves with Indonesian resources will also take the time to take a walk to enjoy the surrounding tourist destinations. This is the focus of the Indonesian Medical Tourism Board.

BMHS, as one of the health business companies in Indonesia, introduces Medical Tourism in Indonesia through the Indonesia Medical Tourism Board (IMTB) business unit. IMTB is a channel to increase access to health care facilities and tourism facilities in Indonesia, especially during this pandemic.

In addition, IMTB, which is part of BHMS, tries to improve service facilities from time to time—for example, by providing easy access to making accommodation reservations for various health services.

'The sustainability of Medical Tourism in Indonesia through IMTB will significantly help the country's foreign exchange through the domestic tourism sector, the introduction of health facilities in Indonesia for both Indonesians and foreign tourists, as well as increasing Indonesia's independence in health services, including expanding the country's foreign exchange.

With the establishment of IMTB, BMHS expects a positive impact, especially in increasing tourism opportunities during the pandemic and becoming a pioneer in the development of Medical Tourism in Indonesia.

Improving the Quality of Health Services

The use of services from BHMS is not only for one particular disease but almost all of them, including fertility issues. This is done to increase the confidence of Indonesian citizens in domestic medicine as well.

IMTB provides convenience and comfort with an integrated system where you get priority to get immediate treatment. IMTB can handle almost all types of health complaints which will continue to be developed in the future.

IMTB serves health complaints related to Mother and Child, Fertility, Neuro Center, Genomic Diagnosis, Parkinson's, Cancer, and Robotic Surgery. IMTB also continues to expand its network of health services to serve your health needs.

IMTB will continue to collaborate with health service providers who have high standards throughout Indonesia so that you can vacation for medical tourism or when traveling and need health services wherever you go.

Not only that, but IMTB also cooperates with hotel units as accommodation. IMTB collaborates with health service providers who have high standards throughout Indonesia so that you can vacation for medical tourism or when traveling and need health services wherever you go.

Indeed, IMTB cooperates with more than 36 health service networks and 30 tourism service networks throughout Indonesia. IMTB is affiliated with various government agencies, supports the running of government programs, and makes it easier for the Indonesian people to get comprehensive health services.

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Aside from IMTB, BMHS has more medical unitsto help Indonesia spread health services evenly throughout the country. Read BMHS' other CSR activities, and more about their assets here.


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