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Get Close with BMHS Hospitals and Clinics

BMHS is one company that provides health service provider units, such as hospitals, Morula IVF (fertility clinic), Emergency Response (patient evacuation), Diagnos Laboratories, to the Indonesia Medical Tourism Board.

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Bundamedik Healthcare System is a health service provider that is identical to the application of modern medical technology even though, at first, it was only a maternity clinic. But now, it has proliferated with various business units.

One of the flagship business units of BMHS is Bunda Group Hospital. Bunda Group Hospital is located in various cities in Indonesia, starting from Jakarta, Depok, South Tangerang, Bekasi, Palembang, to Padang. Bundamedik is indeed active in expanding the hospital from time to time.

BMHS Goal to Build Bunda Hospital Group

Bundamedik Healthcare System is a company that continues to grow to meet the community's needs. As you know, society's needs continue to increase from time to time, which also encourages the development of technology that is starting to become one with people's daily lives.

Bundamedik strives to provide professional, modern, and quality services for patients through the construction of hospitals. This company has successfully delivered many health services.

The hospital business unit offered by Bundamedik is part of the Bunda Group Hospital. Loading RSIA Bunda Jakarta, RSU Bunda Jakarta, RSIA Bunda Ciputat, RS Bunda Margonda to RSU Bunda Padang.

All of these hospitals serve the various needs of the community, such as health consulting services, child development, dental care and so on. This service is supported by the experience of the medical team and advanced technology.

BMHS Hospitals

Bundamedik Healthcare System started the first health service in the Jakarta area. After that, these health service units expanded to various other cities in the country, such as the following:

1. RSIA Bunda Jakarta

This hospital has health services that specifically treat female and child patients. However, RSIA Bunda Jakarta also has many excellent benefits for other health complaints.

Some of the superior services offered are ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery), USG Mammae, colposcopy, 3D/4D ultrasound, laparoscopy, endoscopy, NICU/PICU, to a child development clinic. Meanwhile, the facilities for children are in the form of a children's inpatient room, children's playroom, and baby care room.

There are also maternal inpatient and delivery room facilities and a 24-hour emergency room for health emergencies.

2. RSU Bunda Jakarta

Like RSIA Bunda Jakarta, RSU Bunda Jakarta also offers health services for families, not just mothers and children. There are many excellent services available, ranging from robotic surgery, Bunda Heart Center, Bunda Neuro Center, GynROSE clinic, Urology Center, Endocrine Center, and RSM oncology.

While the facilities offered are also diverse. Starting from inpatient rooms, Indonesian emergency response, laboratories, pharmacy, emergency room, operating room, cath lab, radiology installation, and ICU/ICCU/HCU.

3. RSIA Bunda Ciputat

RSIA Bunda Ciputat was also known as RSIA Citra Ananda before it changed. This hospital offers ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) health services, surgical techniques developed to speed up treatment and healing, and recovery after childbirth. This hospital also has 24-hour delivery facilities and a 24-hour general emergency room. There are also laparoscopic facilities and an aesthetic center.

The facilities offered by each business unit of Bunda Group Hospital have several differences. In the Ciputat area, the facilities include inpatient rooms, a 24-hour emergency room, laboratories, pharmacy installations, radiology, and Morula IVF.

4. RSU Bunda Margonda

RSU Bunda Margonda has qualified doctors and medical support facilities to help serve various specialist medical cases outside of services for childbirth and child care to the well-known IVF pregnancy process. Its superior services include laparoscopic surgery, Morula IVF, ICU/HCU/NICU/PICU, and Bunda Pain Clinic.

5. RSIA Azzahra Palembang

Bundamedik Healthcare System recently succeeded in acquiring RSIA Azzahra in Palembang. This acquisition was made because Bundamedik hopes to be able to expand and develop laboratory diagnostic services, Morula IVF, Emergency Response, Bunda Global Pharma, and so on to reach a wider area. This acquisition will help serve the needs of people in Palembang and surrounding areas who want modern and standardized health services.

6. RSU Bunda Padang

Like RSIA Bunda Ciputat, RSU Bunda Padang also underwent a name change that previously was BMC Padang. This hospital offers services in medical check-ups, HSG, Laparoscopy, and NICU. Meanwhile, the available facilities include HCU/ICU/NICU treatment rooms, one day care, Morula IVF, laboratories, pharmacy installations, radiology and so on.

7. RS Citra Harapan Bekasi

This general hospital, which BMHS recently acquired in early 2022, has complete Medical Check Up (MCU) service facilities, specialist services, emergency services, as well as complete and professional BPJS patient services.

8. BIC

BIC is a clinical unit of the Bundamedik Healthcare System that offers health services to help improve the health quality of women and children in the country. BIC is located in several areas, one of the newest locations in Bali.

Meanwhile, other cities that provide BIC are located on the island of Java, namely BIC Pacific Place, BIC Executive RSIA Bunda Jakarta, and BIC Vida Bekasi. Each BIC unit offers various services such as general polyclinic, dental, internal medicine, nutrition, and so on.

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Beside the recent acquisitions, BMHS has done and will done many more in the future. Check thispage for details, dan herefor CSR activities. Click here for more news.


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