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Emergency Response: Covid-19 Evacuation Solution

In a medical evacuation, it is necessary to have an Emergency Response (ER), especially when it comes to Covid-19. Covid-19 is classified as an Emerging Infectious Disease (PIE), which is dangerous if not treated immediately.

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Emerging infectious diseases are diseases that attack humans and can spread very quickly. Diseases like this can not only be caused by viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 but also bacteria and parasites.

The government has implemented various policies to prevent the transmission of the Covid-19 disease. However, the spread still occurs, so the medical team must always be ready.

Understanding Emergency Response in Medical

The emergence of emerging infectious diseases such as Covid-19 requires several special treatments. Generally, the medical team will wear complete and standardized Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to evacuate patients and prevent virus transmission and self-protection.

Emergency Response is a form of medical response from individuals or teams that must be mastered when dealing with emergencies. Information regarding emergency response can also be found in the laws and regulations.

Law (UUD) Number 24 of 2007 stated that disaster emergency response is a collection of activities that are carried out quickly when a disaster occurs. These activities include rescue efforts, evacuation of victims, fulfillment of basic needs, protection and so on from disasters. Disasters are events that threaten or disrupt people's lives. This disaster can be in the form of non-natural disasters caused by technological damage, damage to modernization, to disease outbreaks.

Based on the danger and spread, Covid-19 is classified as a disaster.

Covid-19 is classified as a disease outbreak included in a non-natural disaster. An Emergency Response is needed to handle it because this outbreak is not only spreading in one area but has crossed national borders.

The emergency response in handling Covid-19 focuses on assisting victims or patients before the situation worsens. Victims who experience death due to emergency conditions are Preventable Death.

Preventable Death is death that can be avoided by providing prompt and appropriate help. Therefore, emergency response can be the best solution for evacuating Covid-19 patients in the country.

Evacuation Services at ER Indonesia

ER Indonesia is a subsidiary of PT Bundamedik Tbk (BMHS). This subsidiary provides medical evacuation services for critical patients who require fast and safe transport by a professional medical team.

The medical team in implementing Emergency Response consists of doctors, nurses, and ambulance drivers who are certified and highly dedicated. This ambulance is also equipped with complete medical equipment needed in an emergency.

Medical evacuation services from ER Indonesia are highly recommended to handle Covid-19 patients in the country. Because a very experienced medical team and complete medical equipment.

Of course, a critical patient, especially because Covid-19 causes it, cannot be handled independently. The patient will need an Emergency Response from the medical team to check his condition.

After the medical team discovers the problems experienced by the patient, they can immediately take emergency measures to reduce or prevent the severity. This medical treatment will continue to be carried out in the ambulance during the trip to Bunda Group Hospital.

The leading service of Emergency Response Indonesia is medical evacuation, both domestically and internationally, using the ground to air ambulance transportation. Patients who can be served include infants, children, and adults.

Patients do not need to worry about the health services of the Bunda Hospital Group, which is a referral place. Meanwhile, Indonesia's ER services can be accessed through several hospitals in the country.

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