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Morula IVF and Bunda Hospital Group Integration

Morula IVF is a medical service related to fertility. This service is part of the Bunda Group Hospital, which provides services to patients for fertility treatment and care.

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One of the most widely used services by the Indonesian people is IVF services. Since its establishment in 1997, Morula Fertility Clinic has helped many couples who previously had difficulty having children with the IVF program.

Over time this clinic has made many developments, ranging from opening new clinics to integrating services to be more accessible to the public.

Getting to Know More About Morula IVF

Two decades ago, the IVF method for obtaining offspring was not very popular in Indonesia. If anyone wants to do it, you will need to use the services of an overseas hospital.

Of course, this creates complexity for the patient and requires many treatment costs, and therefore, only a certain number of people can do it. Seeing this, Bundamedik Healthcare System established the Morula Clinic in 1997.

At that time, the given name was Morula Fertility Clinic, now better known as MIJ. The developments that the IVF Morula Fertility Clinic has achieved so far are:

1. The Success of the IVF Program

There have been many people who have followed the IVF program and have succeeded in getting offspring. This program is mainly given to married couples who want biological offspring.

2. Increasing Program Index 30% per Year

Every Year more and more people use this program, the index increases by 30% per year. This means that more and more people trust to use the services at the clinic.

3. Establishing Branch Clinics in Various Regions

Now, there are 10 clinics in Indonesia, namely in Jakarta, Margonda, Melinda Bandung, Makassar, Tangerang, Padang, Surabaya, Pontianak, Yogyakarta, and Ciputat. There is even a plan to establish a special fertility hospital in Surabaya.

Integration of Morula IVF Clinic Services with Bunda Hospital

Morula is a stand-alone clinic and part of the Bunda Hospital Group. Morula is independent in both activities and health services; however, since the signing of the deed of sale between PT Morula Indonesia and PT Morula IVF Surabaya on October 6, 2021, a big step in the expansion strategy to the East Java and Bali regions has begun.

With this expansion, BMHS began to carry out a market expansion strategy in Jakarta and the East Java region because the need for in vitro services is quite significant.

The acquisition of a hospital in Surabaya will be a big step for Bundamedik in integrating Morula's services with maternal and child hospital services. Thus, the quality of in vitro services will be better and increase.

In this expansion strategy, the hospital in Surabaya is planned to be a particular fertility hospital. It specifically provides services related to these health services, including implementing the IVF program.

Bundamedik is actively establishing itself as a corporation in this field by having a hospital specializing in fertility programs. Even though the competition and competition are getting bigger, Morula Clinic will still survive.

As a corporation in the health sector, BMHS provides services in many lines of health. Providing services to help improve the community's health and quality of life is the primary mission.

One of them is providing fertility services in the form of IVF programs to the community. With the integration of services between Bunda Group Hospital and Morula IVF, it is hoped to help more people realize the hope of having children.

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