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The Importance of Doing Regular Pap Smears for Cervical Cancer Prevention

Did you know that the Pap Smear test is one of the medical activities women must carry out? This test is crucial for women's reproductive health, especially those who have had sex.

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There are still many women who do not know the importance of this test. There are still many who do not understand about the test, even though it is very important to detect whether a woman has been infected with the HPV virus or not. It should be noted that the HPV virus is one of the causes of cervical cancer.

What is a Pap Smear Test?

To make it easy to understand, a pap smear is a medical procedure that examines the cervix to detect changes in that part. Its primary function is to see the HPV virus, one of the causes of cervical cancer.

By detecting it as early as possible, the patient gets treatment earlier so as to help the healing process. That's why pap smear tests must be done regularly.

The examination should be done at least once a year, especially for women who have had sex. This examination can also be done more than once a year as a further preventive measure for women already infected with HIV, use corticosteroids, or already have indications of cancer cell growth. This examination is not recommended for those who have not had sex or are over 65 years old.

The Benefits of Doing a Pap Smear Test for Women

Many women are reluctant to do a pap smear because they are worried that they will feel pain due to the stages in the examination procedure. This examination is not as practical as a medical examination in general, but it does not mean that the pap smear will cause excruciating pain during the test. Even for sampling, it is also done quickly with a simple procedure.
The procedure that must be done is to take a sample using a speculum in the cervical area, then proceed with scraping. The following are the benefits of the Pap smear test that patients can feel:

1. Early Detecting Sexually Transmitted Diseases

The fact is that having a Pap smear is an activity that has many benefits. One of them is to help detect whether the patient is infected with a sexually transmitted disease. Pap smear tests can see early on abnormal cells, which are feared to be the cause of cervical cancer, especially if you have sex with a different partner and don't use safety.

2. Detecting Infection in Miss V

Actinomyces bacteria are the cause of infection in the vagina, which can occur in women of all ages. If you are an IUD user, you will be very susceptible to this infection. Early detection through Pap Smear test is mandatory as prevention. If an examination indicates a condition, then you are required to stop using the IUD and take antibiotics.

3. Help Know the Occurrence of Inflammation in Miss V

Inflammation can also occur in the female part. By doing a Pap smear, inflammation can be detected early. In detecting inflammation, the results of checking are normal or abnormal. If it's normal, there will be no further checks, but if it's the other way around, the doctor will advise the patient to have a follow-up check regarding inflammation of the vagina.

4. Detecting Changes in the Cervix

The last benefit that we will describe is that it helps detect dysplasia or changes in the cervix. The existence of these changes can potentially become cancer cells in the cervix. If these changes are detected, the doctor will immediately perform a colposcopy. Furthermore, these cells will be further investigated in the laboratory to be identified.

It is essential to carry out regular health checks to prevent and treat certain infections, especially reproductive examinations. One of them is by doing a Pap smear test which helps detect cervical cancer early on.

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