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List of 5 RSM Oncology Center Services Owned by BMHS

Oncology is a branch of medicine that studies cancer. Everything related to cancer is studied in oncology, from diagnosis, treatment, treatment to prevention. Doctors who study this branch of medicine are known as oncologists. Many hospitals provide special oncology services to the community, one of which is the RSM (Rizal Sini Memoriam) Oncology Center from BMHS (Bundamedik Healthcare System).

Many types of cancer can be suffered, both by adults and children, for example, leukemia, lymphoma, retinoblastoma, brain cancer, and others. Each of these diseases requires special treatment by specialists and subspecialists of oncology. Therefore, a hospital was created that specifically treats patients with these chronic diseases.

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Services at RSM Oncology Center

RSM Oncology is a hospital that provides health services for cancer patients. Here, patients can get a variety of essential modern services. Here are five services at RSM Oncology.

1. Robotic Surgery
As the name suggests, robotic surgery is a surgical procedure using the help of a robot. Robotic surgery is the development of medical technology to minimize tissue trauma. Even though it's called robotic surgery, it doesn't mean that this procedure is done entirely by robotic technology. Doctors as experts still have an important role as decision-makers in surgery. There are several advantages to choosing robotic surgery, including:
1. The robotic arm controlled by the computer system makes the results more precise
2. Smaller incision
3. Faster healing process
4. Minimize the pain felt by the patient
5. Satisfaction with operating results is better

2. Surgery (Surgery)
Other services at RSM Oncology Center, namely surgery or oncology surgery. This operation aims to treat patients who are sick due to cancer growth in their bodies. Abnormal cancer growth must be treated immediately so that the patient's body condition does not worsen. Although this procedure does not completely cure cancer, oncology surgery includes important treatment and care. There are several types of oncology surgery that are distinguished by their purpose, including:
1. Preventive Operation
2. Inspection Operation
3. Determining the Stage of Cancer
4. Initial Treatment
5. Eliminate Symptoms

3. Cancer Screening and Diagnostics
Screening or oncology examinations are carried out to examine, confirm, and diagnose cancer in a person. This step is very important in the early stage of the examination. People who have a high risk of developing cancer can also do screening and diagnostics even though they do not feel the symptoms that point to the disease. This can also be said as a preventive measure. Screening is done by performing a physical examination, examining body parts with symptoms that are suspected or feared to lead to cancer. For example, a lump in the breast or other cancer symptoms. In addition, further inspection and testing are also carried out. For example, ask about the patient's medical history, family medical history, Myriad genetic tests, X-ray scans, and so on.

4. Palliative
Palliative services at RSM Oncology Center are care for patients with an approach to improving the quality of life. Not only physical disorders, palliative care, is also done to prevent social and spiritual problems. Palliative is not only for cancer patients but also for people with other chronic diseases. For example, HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer's, or other incurable diseases.

5. Chemotherapy
Chemotherapy is a treatment for cancer patients using strong chemical drugs. Giving these strong chemicals aims to inhibit or stop the growth of cancer cells.

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Services at RSM Oncology can help patients in dealing with their illnesses. With regular treatment at the RSM Oncology Center, patients are expected to be able to lead a better quality of life.


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