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3 Ways to Check Breast Cancer Yourself (SADARI)

How to check for breast cancer yourself is done by seeing for yourself whether or not there are physical changes in the breast. This is done to find out as early as possible whether the breast leads to a serious condition, such as a cancerous lump.

Indeed, only 1 in 10 cases of breast lumps is caused by cancer. Even so, you must still get immediate treatment so it doesn't get worse. Therefore, every woman should do breast self-examination (SADARI). Checking is done by seeing and feeling the physical surface of the breast. For more details, here we provide information on how to properly check for breast cancer yourself.


How to Check Breast Cancer Yourself Easily

When is the right time to check? Should be done one week after the menstrual period or menstruation ends. It is not recommended to check when you are menstruating because the shape of your breasts usually becomes firmer or denser. Here are some SADARI examination procedures that you can follow at home.

1. Checking in Front of the Mirror
Before checking, make sure the mirror has the right size area and the room lighting is sufficient to see the breasts clearly. After that, follow these steps.

  1. Watch your breasts. Don't worry if the size is not the same between right and left. This condition is still normal for most women.
  2. Notice whether or not there is a change with the position of the arm being left straight down. Look at the shape, size, and color of the skin surface of the breast, including the nipple.
  3. Tighten your chest muscles by placing your hands on your waist, then press firmly. Then, look in the mirror, starting from the right side to the left, and vice versa.
  4. Bend over so your breasts will stick out. Then touch to check whether or not there is a change.
  5. Link your palms behind your head, then press inward. Pay attention to the condition, whether something has changed or not.
  6. Pay attention to whether or not there is fluid coming out of the nipple. You can place your index finger and thumb around the nipple and press gently and slowly. Repeat on the right and left breasts.

2. Checking when taking a shower
How to check for breast cancer can be done while in the shower. You can raise one hand to the back of your head. Use the other hand that has been smeared with soap to check the breast on the side with the raised hand. Press gently and slowly with your finger for more clarity. Check the entire surface of the breast to the armpit area. This method is more effective because the soap foam will make it easier to touch.

3. Lying Check
Another way to check for breast cancer can be done with the body lying down. You can follow the following steps to make it easier.

  1. Lie down on a comfortable flat surface, such as a mattress.
  2. Place a small rolled up towel or pillow under your shoulders.
  3. Position your right hand under your head and cover your left hand with lotion to make it easier to feel your right breast.
  4. Feel the breast in a clockwise direction in a circular motion. If you have felt a circle, slide your finger and begin to feel the entire breast again until the nipple as well.

In doing SADARI, you don't need to be in a hurry. You can do this gently and slowly to make it easier to feel whether or not there is a change. This way of lying down will make the physical breasts widen so that checking becomes easier.

After checking and finding changes in the physical breast, don't panic. It doesn't always mean you have cancer. If you feel you are experiencing changes, do an examination to the doctor immediately after doing the breast cancer check method.


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