Blog 09 September 2021

For Convenience, RSU Bunda Jakarta and Margonda Separate Buildings for Covid-19 & Non-Covid-19 Special Service Zones

RSU Bunda Jakarta and Margonda are one of the hospitals in Jakarta that apply green zone services to ensure hospital visitors and places are safe from the corona virus. So the place to be treated for Covid-19 patients will be distinguished from non-Covid-19 patients.

This is done to protect negative visitors from being exposed and creating new clusters, so that environmental conditions are safer. The existence of these services can help break the chain of the spread of the epidemic. Of course even positive special service zones can also be served better. This is definitely a good strategy to avoid the virus. Before it becomes increasingly difficult to handle it, it is very appropriate to separate places for Covid-19 & non-Covid-19 patients in order to avoid greater spread between visitors. That's why a special zone was created to deal with it.


For Handling Covid-19 Bunda Jakarta Hospital and Margonda

Bunda Group Hospital owned by BMHS will always prioritize the comfort and safety of every visitor from the risk of transmitting this epidemic. Of course, in addition to not transmitting or spreading the outbreak, it will also break the chain of the spread of Covid-19. This strategy is expected to help reduce the spread of Covid-19 so that it is more controlled. Special service zones for Covid-19 were created to avoid undetected spread.

The treatment carried out by RSU Bunda Jakarta and Margonda is very appropriate to protect patients, from children to parents who are in the hospital. Especially for pregnant women who are very susceptible to infection with this virus. If it is not cared for properly, it will affect the mother and the development of the unborn child. For this reason, special handling to avoid the spread of the Corona virus which is increasingly becoming more and more is appropriate.


Special Separation Methods for Covid-19 at RSU Bunda Jakarta and Margonda

Bunda Group Hospital prepared various steps as an anticipation to prevent the spread of the Corona virus in the hospital environment. Below are ways to separate patients specifically infected with the corona virus, including:

  1. Enforce space based on zoning. This system has been implemented in every part of Bunda Hospital to maintain comfort to the safety of patients or visitors so that the virus does not spread.
  2. RSU Bunda Jakarta is very committed to separating patients with symptoms of cough, cold, fever or shortness of breath and patients without Covid-19 symptoms.

The zoning applied to all parts of RSU Bunda Jakarta and Margonda ensures security for anyone who comes. In addition, another way to handle the special covid zone from the hospital is to strictly enforce health protocols when in the RSU Bunda Jakarta and Margonda areas. In order to avoid the transmission of Covid-19, RSU Bunda Jakarta and Margonda became the right hospitals because of good health protocols.


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