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This is the List of 9 Services for Bunda Heart Center, Jakarta Heart Hospital

Bundamedik Healthcare System (BMHS) currently has a superior service in the field of heart called Bunda Heart Center. This superior service is ready to serve patients with cases of coronary heart disease, heart failure and rhythm disorders at the same time. So that any problems related to this important body organ can be handled properly. There are 9 Bunda Heart Center services that can help heal various heart problems properly.


List of 9 Bunda Heart Center Services, Jakarta Heart Hospital

There are many services provided by Bunda Heart Center. There are at least 9 services that can be used when seeking treatment here. The following 9 services are available at this hospital:

1. Medical Check Up
Medical Check Up is an activity to carry out the screening process. Its function is to detect the presence of diseases related to the heart.

2. Single & Dual Chamber
Single & Dual Chamber is a small pacemaker used to help your heart beat more regularly and normally (not too slow/not too fast). The function of this tool as a pumping blood throughout the body so as to help facilitate the performance of blood vessels. This pacemaker is made of lead wires and is attached to one or two parts of the body, namely the porch and the property.

3. Permanent Pacemaker (PPM)
Permanent Pacemaker or PPM is a tool used in the treatment of arrhythmias in the long term. Usually PPM is used in patients who have a weak heart rate so that the speed can increase, so that the performance of important organs remains good. This device is important to control the condition of arrhythmic patients who often experience dizziness, fainting, and prevent sudden death due to this disease properly.

4. Primary PCI
Primary PCI (Percutaneous Coronary Intervention), another name for Coronary Angioplasty, is a non-invasive intervention procedure using a catheter to widen or open blocked coronary arteries using a balloon or stent.

5. Elective PCI
Elective PCI itself serves to assist the process of installing cardiac rings/stents for patients with coronary heart disease.

6. Diagnostic Coronary Angiography
Diagnostic Coronary Angiography is a device to detect whether there is a narrowing or blockage in the blood vessels. Diagnostic Coronary Angiography is a test for patients with coronary disease.

7. Cath Lab
The Cath Lab itself is also located at the hospital, which is a diagnostic process that utilizes X-rays, so that any disease conditions that occur can be detected properly.

8. CT Scan
This CT-Scan service is a procedure that combines a series of images with X-ray rays taken from various sides of a person's body, either for the purpose of diagnosis, medical action, or treatment evaluation.

9. Cardiac Catheterization
Cardiac catheterization is a procedure performed by inserting a long tube or catheter into a blood vessel which is then directed to the heart. Its function is to diagnose various problems with the heart's blood vessels.


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