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RSM Oncology BMHS Presents Screening Examination to Oncology Surgery

A cancer patient certainly needs to get special treatment and care, ranging from medical examinations to oncology surgical procedures. Malignancy is one of the deadliest diseases in Indonesia. According to a report released by the Indonesian Ministry of Health's website, the number of cancer sufferers in Indonesia is relatively high. The figure ranks 8th in Southeast Asia and 23rd in all of Asia. The report shows the need for extra services to treat patients with this deadly disease. BMHS (Bundamedik Healthcare System) as a health service provider also provides oncology examinations and procedures, including surgery.

Know What is Surgical Oncology

Surgery or oncology surgery is a medical procedure to treat patients with diseases caused by the growth of cancer cells in the body's organs. The main purpose of this procedure is to remove cancer cells that are eating away at the body so that they do not grow more malignant and cause more severe health problems. Removal of cancer cells through surgical procedures or surgery does not necessarily cure this deadly disease. However, oncology surgery is an important part of treating this deadly disease.

Surgery is not the only procedure in the treatment and treatment of cancer, but there are other treatment procedures as well. For example biological treatment, radiation therapy, to chemotherapy procedures. Meanwhile, surgical oncology is divided into several categories based on its purpose, including preventive surgery, surgical examination, staging of cancer, surgery for initial treatment, to relieving symptoms. Before undergoing an oncology surgery procedure, the patient certainly needs to do an initial examination first, namely through the screening and diagnostic stages of cancer. Screening and diagnostics aim to get the right diagnosis.

The screening process is carried out in various ways, such as a physical examination to observe and assess body parts with characteristics suspected of being cancer symptoms. Interviews about the patient's medical history are also a screening method. Another method of screening in order to get a proper diagnosis is by conducting laboratory testing. In some cases, sometimes patients also need to undergo genetic testing.

Diseases Treated by an Oncologist

There are many types of cancer and need to be treated accordingly. Some of the diseases that are treated by oncology specialists and need to receive oncology surgical treatment include the following.

1. Cervical cancer
Cervical cancer is one of the deadliest diseases for women because these malignant cells attack the uterus. In the early stages, sufferers of this disease usually do not feel significant symptoms. Only when malignant cells begin to spread actively, sufferers will feel the symptoms. Checking yourself at a trusted health service center can help treat this disease, so that the spread of cancer cells can be removed.

2. Lung cancer
This disease occurs when malignant cells form and spread in the lungs. Most sufferers are those who have a smoking habit, so that this deadly disease is suffered by many men. Symptoms to watch out for include shortness of breath, chest pain, drastic weight loss, chronic cough, and coughing up blood. Unfortunately, the symptoms are usually not felt in the early stages.

3. Skin Cancer (Melanoma)
Melanoma occurs when malignant cells attack melanocytes, the melanin-producing pigment cells in the skin. Melanoma is very dangerous so it needs to get treatment quickly and appropriately. In addition to the three diseases above, there are many other types of cancer that are also treated by oncologists, such as breast, nasopharyngeal, ovarian, and leukemia.

Immediately check yourself and your family if there are signs that point to cancer. In addition to examinations, healing efforts by undergoing oncology surgery at RSM Oncology, a business unit owned by BMHS (Bundamedik Healthcare System) can be the right choice of place.


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