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Take a peek at Bunda Neuro Center Services, a Qualified BMHS Neurology Specialist Unit

One of the health workers who has an important role for the community is a neurologist or commonly known as a neurologist. These health workers treat various diseases related to the nervous system. Not only health workers, in the context of further services, facilities that provide integrated neurologist services are also very much needed. Unfortunately, the number of services that concentrate on treating neurological-related disorders is still very limited. That's why our company presents this integrated service under the name Bunda Neuro Center. The following is information about the health services and facilities available at Bunda Neuro Center.

Pain Management Neurology Specialist Unit Service

The first service at Bunda Neuro Center is Pain Management aka Pain Management. Pain or pain in certain body parts is definitely disturbing your comfort in activities. The pain or pain can be caused by a chronic disease that has been suffered for a long time, or it can also be caused by other causes. To be able to overcome the pain, you should take immediate treatment steps, one of which is through our Pain Management service facility. Pain Management is a day care health service with special procedures.

This procedure to treat aches and pains is based on the latest medical technology. In addition to the use of technology, various new techniques are also applied to treat the pain effectively. Medical procedures for Pain Management services at our Neurology Center Specialist Unit include spinal injection therapy and percutaneous frequency charts. Here is a full explanation that you need to know.

1. Spinal Injection Therapy
Spinal injection therapy is a medical procedure in the form of injections or injections/blocks of anesthesia in the spine or better known as the spine. These injections can be done at various sources of pain such as joints, ligaments, or around nerves. The injection is given with the aim of relieving pain when other medical procedures will be carried out. In addition, this procedure can also confirm the source of the pain and the classification of the diagnosis.

2. Percutaneous Frequency Chart
This procedure is a procedure that involves numbing the nerves that cause pain. With a small needle, this procedure is very helpful for patients in dealing with long-standing pain.

Diseases Treated at the Mother's Neurology Specialist Unit

There are many diseases associated with disorders of the nervous system. Immediately treat the disease that you and your family are suffering from through our best health services. At Bunda Neuro Center, we serve patients with the following diseases.

1. Stroke
Stroke is a medical condition that occurs due to an interruption in the blood supply to the brain. Brain organs that do not get enough blood supply will result in disruption of the function of the body area controlled by that part of the brain. This results in damage to function and even paralysis in that part of the body. Stroke needs to get medical treatment quickly. We have an Integrated Stroke Service that provides comprehensive stroke treatment and management.

2. Headache/Headache
This complaint is experienced by many people with various variations. If you feel a headache, you should immediately consult a doctor to get the right treatment before the condition gets worse.

3. Brain tumor
Tumors that appear in the brain, of course, must be treated immediately so that it does not get worse. The diagnosis of this disease is usually carried out by a neurologic examination procedure; ranging from MRI, to CT Scan, depending on the indication. In addition, Bunda Neuro Center is also able to handle complaints of chronic pain, brain aneurysms, epilepsy, spinal disorders, and other complaints.

Make sure you and your family get the best medical treatment so that the quality of your health is always maintained, so that you and your family can carry out daily activities comfortably. The Neurology Specialist Unit belonging to the BMHS (Bundamedik Healthcare System) is ready to provide maximum service.


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