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From Urology to Oncology, this is the Center of Excellence at Bunda Jakarta Hospital

BMHS or Bundamedik Healthcare System is a health service provider system with the latest technology. BMHS is committed and always strives to provide the best and foremost service. One of them is by always innovating, and creating Centers of Excellence (CoE) in various units. One of them is at RSU Bunda Jakarta, we will explain about CoE for urological and oncological examinations of CoE and all its advantages.

Urology Examination at Bunda Hospital Jakarta

Abnormalities of the urinary tract in both men and women require urological examination for diagnosis and treatment, depending on the location; urethra, ureter, or kidney. Urinating not smooth not only tortures the bladder, but also triggers a buildup of fluid in the kidneys. When the urinary tract is not smooth then you must be alert and immediately consult a doctor. Many people do not realize how important kidney function is to their body; especially to filter various toxins produced from the body's metabolism.

Humans have two kidneys that function to filter toxins from the body. Kidney health must always be well maintained, people with kidney disorders cannot perform various strenuous activities, and always be careful in choosing the food and drinks they consume, and regularly take medication to prevent complications and other unwanted things. Before the disease becomes more severe and interferes with your health and daily activities, especially if you are young and productive, it is very important to have an examination even if the symptoms you feel are not severe. The more severe the degree of illness when first treated, the healing also takes longer. If you need a urological examination, Bunda Urology Center provides medical examination services related to a complete urination system. The various diseases examined, include:

1. Urinary Stones
This disease actually does not only occur in men, but also women. Initially the size of stones such as small pebbles in the kidneys did not cause complaints. Complaints occur when the size of the stone gets bigger and interferes with urination.

2. Urinary tract infection
Usually the infection occurs around the bladder as well as the urethra. Urinary tract infections are divided into two types, the first lower urinary tract infections which have a higher cure rate, and upper urinary tract infections with a higher risk level because they can trigger urosepsis.

3. Prostate Gland Disorders
This disorder is characterized by an abnormally enlarged prostate in men. When the size of the prostate gets bigger, the prostate will put pressure on the urinary tract, making it difficult for the bladder to come out when there is an urge to urinate. This disease is not deadly, but can interfere with male patients in terms of fertility, which can also be consulted at once here. Together with health professionals, your urological examination consultation will be carried out according to your body's needs.

Oncology Examination at RSU Bunda Jakarta

Earlier we have learned about what is a urological examination. Now we will learn about oncology examination. What is oncology? In simple terms, oncology is a field of medicine that specializes in the detection, treatment and prevention of cancer. Doctors who specialize in oncology are referred to as oncologists. Cancer is one of the malignant diseases that contributes to the highest mortality rate. Cancer can happen to anyone, not limited to gender or age. Therefore, it is important for us to maintain health. To deal with this malignant disease, RSU Bunda Jakarta has an oncology examination service. Here are the various services.

1. Screening and Diagnostics
Screening and diagnostics are medical terms of examination and diagnosis of diseases and health conditions of patients. From this, it can be known which organs of the body have malignancy.

2. Surgery and Chemotherapy
If cancer is detected, the Mother's Hospital will suggest various handling procedures, one of which is surgery. How difficult the operation is, depends on how severe the cancer patient's health condition is. After surgery, chemotherapy will be given if necessary.

3. Palliative Care
Palliative care is a medical approach taken to improve the quality of life of patients and their families suffering from malignant disease, through prevention and procedures to reduce pain, physical, social, and spiritual limitations experienced by patients during treatment. This treatment is not only done for people with advanced cancer, but also for other diseases such as AIDS, diabetes, and nerve problems that cannot be cured. Thus the explanation of the CoE of Bunda Jakarta General Hospital which can be seen from the various examinations available. Both men and women, and regardless of their age, it is the duty of all of us to maintain health. To get the best health services, the Center of Excellence at RSU Bunda Jakarta can be a mainstay for you.


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