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6 Center of Excellence Products at Bunda Margonda Hospital, One of them is the ESWL Procedure

One of the many centers of excellence at Bunda Margonda General Hospital is the ESWL (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy) procedure. In general, the center of excellence includes the following.

  1. The center of excellence in the field of training and skill upgrades for the workforce, in this case in the medical world.
  2. Learning center related to the science in question
  3. Innovation center for services provided
  4. International standard research and technology center.
  5. A center that excels in facilities and infrastructure in industry 4.0 Indonesia
  6. Collaborative center for industrial networks in global competition

BMHS or Bundamedik Healthcare System is a health service with the latest technology that is always committed to providing the best and leading services. One of them is by always innovating, and giving birth to CoE in various units. Let's look at the various services from CoE at Bunda Margonda General Hospital.


6 Main Procedures at Bunda Margonda General Hospital

As a hospital with adequate facilities, RSU Bunda Margonda which is part of the BMHS (Bundamedik Healthcare System) provides various services and procedures that are part of the commitment of the center of excellence (CoE). The procedures below prove the feasibility of Bunda Margonda Hospital as a center of excellence in its field:

1. ESWL Procedure

The ESWL procedure is the removal of urinary tract stones without the need for surgery at all. Instead of surgery, the urinary tract stone will be crushed into small fragments and will be removed along with the patient's bladder.

2. Pain Intervention
Pain intervention is a basic medical treatment that can actually be found in many health services. However, it is very important to pay attention to whether the services provided are of high quality and guarantee long-term recovery or not. At Bunda Margonda General Hospital, the services that patients can get include handling various types of pain in the external limbs. Treatment does not require major surgery or the use of anesthesia, as is the case with the ESWL Procedure.

3. Laparoscopy
It can be said that the laparoscopic procedure is a small operation that is useful for reducing pain when compared to major surgery for the same medical case. Because this procedure does not have a high risk, the healing process is also much faster than major surgery. Several laparoscopic procedures that can be performed to treat major surgery are cysts, pregnancy outside the womb (KET), fibroids, and endometriosis. Like the ESWL procedure, laparoscopy at Bunda Margonda Hospital is carried out by professional experts who will be the source of your healing.

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or NICU is an intensive care facility for newborns for up to 28 days. Not all newborns will enter the NICU, because it depends on the condition and health of the baby, so it is necessary to first check what the baby's health was like at birth. Some of the conditions that cause babies to be admitted to the NICU are premature births, body weight below the minimum number, and abnormalities found shortly after birth. The NICU is one of the complementary facilities for infants and children.

5. Emergency room
Emergency department, a place where many medical personnel perform first aid and emergency medical treatment for any victims or emergency patients. In order to support healing and maintain public health, the Emergency Room at Bunda Margonda General Hospital operates 24 hours a day.

6. Sectio Caesarea
Another procedure related to childbirth, namely caesarean section, is carried out during the birth process under certain conditions, by prioritizing the safety of the mother and fetus.

The six center of excellence (CoE) procedures above are carried out by professionals in their respective fields. RSU Bunda Margonda ensures the health of patients as a top priority, starting from the ESWL Procedure to Sectio Caesaria.


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